I’ve received some very nice wedding announcements over the years.  All have been in either sent through the mail or in email form.  But check this one out.  I’m not sure what this says about Jeff and Erin.  Are they super creative?  Or do they simply have too much money and time on their hands?  You be the judge.

On another note, how about that height difference, huh?  Wow.  I know a lot of girls that would not be cool with that.

-Dave Q.

4 Responses to “Wedding Announcement Overkill”

  • Jan:

    That’s an awesome video. I can’t see past the height difference though…wow.

  • Ale:

    Pretty impressive, a little overkill, and I couldn’t deal with a guy shorter than me!
    Overall: 2 jalapenos

  • Olga:

    I thought it was cool. And as the saying goes, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Congrats to them!

  • Mike:

    Wow! They put a lot of work into that! I forwarded this to my fiancee, as she sent out save-the-dates for our wedding last month. The height difference does crack me up, though.

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