So the New York Yankees and the Dallas Cowboys are now partners in a concessions company that will be handling all the food distribution at their new stadiums.  Anyone surprised?  I’m not. I think it was just a matter of time.  At least I know where I won’t be buying a beer at.

Something is missing in all this.  Ahh yes, where are the Lakers?  You can’t have Hitler and Mussolini without whatever bad guy they had out of Japan.  This will likely piss off the Lakers.  All that money without the Lakers getting a piece of the pie?  Don’t the Yankees and Cowboys remember the last time someone told Kobe “no”?

You want to call me a ‘Hater’?  That’s cool.  I’m drinking ‘Haterade’.  Because, yes, I hate the Yankees, Cowboys, and Lakers.  I am a sports fan.  And as a sports fan I clearly recognize the unholy trinity of sports evil.  Anyone who is a sports fan of those three teams is not an actual sports fan.  Period.  And that goes for Lebron James.  I know he publicly loves the Yankees and Cowboys.  But don’t be at all surprised when he bolts the Cavs to go to play for the Lakers someday.  And that sucks, because I really like Lebron.

And I just realized Lebron James was a topic in 2 consecutive posts.  He will no doubt be receiving an award for this.

-Dave Q.

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