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Seeing as how I was one of the last six people on God’s green Earth to have not seen an episode of American Idol, I decided to finally succomb to the peer pressure last night. They were showing the auditons that took place in San Antonio. Seeing as how I’ve lived here most my life, I figured now would be as good as any to check out the show. I used to play softball with a girl that had a voice (she would sing at weddings from time to time), so I thought there was a chance that she might make an appearance.

I felt for some of the contestants. To see some of them audition was like watching a train wreck. You knew things were going to get ugly, but you couldn’t look away. I don’t know why I’m telling you all this since I have no doubt all of you have already experienced this while watching the show, but remember, it’s my first time. Be gentle.

So there were a couple of people that auditioned that made San Antonio look, dare I say, ghetto? One lady was upset that Simon Cowell didn’t like her daughter’s singing. She made a comment among the lines of “This is AMERICAN Idol! He isn’t even American! How can he be a judge? He should go back to France!” Nice work, lady. Simon Cowell is English, not French. Way to make the Alamo City look sharp! Another guy, who resembled my little sister’s mini-aussie (Cinch is hideous, Olga) came out of the audtion cursing the judges because they rejected him. Dude was horrible. Grow up and take it like a man. You weren’t good enough and then you left your dignity on the floor when you threw insults. Way to go, loser.

I don’t know if I’ll watch the show again, but I’ll be keeping tabs to see how long the SA participants will last. I hope the girl that makes the weird faces when she sings fixes that problem. She’s got a good voice, in my professional opinion. But the faces she makes scare the hell out of me!

-Dave Q.

Ok. I figured out what was wrong with my domain forwarding. So from here on out this will be the home for the blog. Also I will be working to add a link for an RSS feed, if any of you are into that stuff.

-Dave Q.

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