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Yesterday, I lost my Grandfather.  He passed away after it was discovered last week that he had an advanced case of prostate cancer.  I wish I could be in Costa Rica for the funeral, but I am stuck in Boston for a few more days.  Had the funeral been planned for the weekend, I might have been able to make it.  But apparently there is a quick turnaround on these sort of things in Costa Rica, and the funeral is today.

I wish I could be therefor my Father.  He left last Thrusday to Costa Rica after my Grandfather’s condition worsened.  I’m glad he had a chance to say goodbye.  I know if I were in his shoes, I would have wanted that opportunity.  I know he’s hurting because of this. My Father is a stong man, but the heart can only take so much.

I never knew my Grandfather as well as I would have liked.  The physical distance between us was one reason.  The language barrier was the other.  I will always regret that, but it wasn’t anything I could do much about.  Or was there?  Of course now I can second guess just about everything I did or didn’t do.  And I am.

At this point I’m looking to just get back home and be with family.  This trip can’t end soon enough.  But one thing my Father has instilled in me is that you can’t back out of a commitment.  Which is what his Father taught him.  So while it would be understandable to call my boss and tell her that I have to leave, it wouldn’t be what they would want.  So I’ll stick around.  With a heavy heart.

-Dave Q.

So I’m heading out to Boston on Friday.  Not for fun this time, but for work.  Weird thing is that in 34 years on this Earth, I had never been to Boston, but this will mark the 3rd time this year I go there.  Weird, huh?

Anyway, it sucks that I am going now because it is during the World Cup.  And I would much rather spend time watching Team USA in the World Cup with my friends in San Antonio than at a Boston bar with random strangers.  Oh well.

So if anyone out there knows where to go check out World Cup action and enjoy an adult beverage at the same time, please let me know!  Of course, I won’t be asking anyone to change the channel if the Sox are playing.  I don’t want to die up there.

-Dave Q.

The 2010 World Cup kicks off today!  Ha!  See how I included the word “kick” in there?  Anyway, I know it is a long shot (and by long shot I mean a snowballs chance in hell), but I am hoping for Team USA to win the whole damn thing!

I admit that many years ago I was one of those that didn’t care too much for soccer, or futbol, depending on where you’re from.  But over the years it has really grown on me.  The World Cup is the single greatest sporting event in the world.  How can anyone not get pumped for this?  The day I have kids, I will be putting them in for soccer, like it or not.  :)

So I wish Team USA the best.  Bring home the trophy!  And since Costa Rica didn’t qualify this time, I guess I will pull for…  hmm.  I don’t know.  Not sure who to pull for if Team USA gets bounced.  I guess we’ll see who plays with the most heart.  But I do have a soft spot in my heart for Cameroon.  But that’s a different story.

-Dave Q. has a ton of cool, super slow motion videos.  From guns being fired, to explosions, to boxers connecting on punches. All really cool to see.  But they also have a section for water balloons, and the slow motion video of what happens when the balloon is popped.  All amazing videos.  But for whatever reason, I see this water balloon video as the greatest ever.  I’m sure you will agree.

What’s strange is after about the 8th or 9th time you view it, you don’t even see the water balloon anymore.  Odd.

-Dave Q.

Today I got some disheartening news.  I found out that my Grandfather is suffering from advanced prostate cancer.  I know nothing about medicine, but that doesn’t sound good to me.  From what I understand, he is going to have surgery this week.  Until we hear the results of this, all we can do is pray for the best.  Making matters worse, my Grandmother isn’t doing to hot either.  She has a bad elbow and recently fell hurting herself.  She is in the hospital awaiting her second suregery.  Both of my hurting grandparents are my Father’s parents.

My grandparents live in Costa Rica.  Geography has kept me from having close relationships with family there.  In recent years, I have been able to communicate with them much more frequently thanks to technology, but my grandparents are old school, and never got into any of this.  But that’s no excuse for me to not call more often.  My Spanish being pathetic at best doesn’t help the situation.  Phone calls are difficult because of the communication barrier.  I regret not being a better Spanish speaker.

I have a trip to Costa Rica scheduled this summer.  Needless to say, it just got a lot more significant.  I want to get there as soon as possible and see them, along with all my other family.  No doubt there will be a good amount of soul searching on this trip.  In more ways than one.

-Dave Q.

It’s June.  And so far it’s been an okay year for me.  Nothing to complain about, but nothing to go crazy for, yet.  Just an “OK” year.  But if I compare my year to the year my little sister is having, then it becomes significantly less impressive.  My little sister is on a roll!  Allow me to elaborate…

For the last couple of years, my little sister, Olga, has been working hard to finishing her degree.  Well, late last month she received her masters degree in some field that I feel sould be kept quiet since it sounds like she will be working for the feds in the near future.  Nice!  But before that happened, Olga and her husband Neal moved to North Carolina, and recently bought their first house.  Again, nice…

As if that wasn’t enough, the week before her graduation, Olga announces to my family that she is pregnant!  Outstanding!  And to close out the month of May, my brother-in-law Neal, who is in the military, gets promoted.  Damn!  For God’s sake, buy a lottery ticket!!

Come to think of it, all that happened in the last 60 days.  Jeez.  I think 2010 is going to continue to be a great year for them.  If anyone deserves good things to come her way, it’s my little sister.  And I know if she decides to buy a winning lottery ticket that she will forget all those times I terrorized her when we were kids.  Right, Olga?….  Right? … (crickets)…

-Dave Q.

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