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Obviously, when I don’t blog, as I haven’t been lately, celebrities die.  And I apologize.  Especially to Billy Mays.  I really liked that guy.

As for this Michael Jackson stuff.  Wow.  I can’t believe there are that many people that adored him.  That are so broken up emotionally about this.  I am amazed at all the TV coverage.  I guess am the only one that remembers that he raped little boys?!?!

I don’t care what the judicial system said.  The dude was a child molester.  And I guess his music and cool dance moves are enough to make people look the other way.  Pathetic.  I’m just glad it isn’t just happening in America.  It looks like the world as a whole has their collective head up their ass when it comes to idolizing this pedophile.

I am gladly in the minority observing this crap.  It feels good not to drink the kool-aid.

-Dave Q.

PS:  Rest in peace Ed McMahon, Farah Fawcett, David Caradine.  And of course Billy Mays!

A quick shout out to one of the best friends a person could ever wish for.  You’re a good man, Rich.  Happy Birthday.

Yes, Rich, I know your birthday was last Friday.  But nevertheless!  Besides, I didn’t have this super bad ass pic before your birthday celebration.  The hat plays, my friend.  The hat plays.

-Dave Q.

What’s that?  You love Star Wars?  And Tom Selleck?  Well, my friends, this will make your day.  :)

The video below will make you appreciate whoever had all that time to waste to do this.  They went out of their way to be accurate.  All you can say is, good job.  That, and that I wish I had that much free time…

-Dave Q.

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  • If I lived back in the Wild West days, instead of carrying a six-gun in my holster, I'd carry a soldering iron. That way, if some smart-aleck cowboy said something like 'Hey, look. He's carrying a soldering iron!' and started laughing, and everybody else started laughing, I could just say, 'That's right, it's a soldering iron. The soldering iron of justice.' Then everybody would get real quiet and ashamed, because they had made fun of the soldering iron of justice, and I could probably hit them up for a free drink.