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Since I keep getting a lot of flak from a fellow blogger, whom I won’t name, about my admiration for sexy Halloween costumes, I stumbled across this calssic video and decided it was worthy of posting.  :)

Just a reminder that if you are on my Blogroll and you haven’t sent me a pic of yourself in your Halloween costume, that you will be represented in a post next week along with all the other pics I received.  I wonder how my Photoshop skills are.  Hmmm.

Happy Halloween!  And be careful tonight…

-Dave Q.

I went to the Spurs-Suns game on Wednesday night.  Unfortunately, the Spurs lost. :(   But instead of dwelling on the loss, I try to take something positive out of it.  Lucky for me it is close to Halloween!

The Spurs dance team, the Silver Dancers, decided to bust a move to the Ghostbusters theme song.  So, in the Halloween spirit, they decided to go the naughty route.  I took the above video, but it doesn’t do it justice.  Towards the end of it I tried to get a better shot from the jumbo tron.  Anyway, they looked pretty damn good.  I saw a Genie, a Nurse, a Cowgirl, etc.  They pretty much went through the entire Frederick’s of Hollywood catalog.

Although I was all for it, I was a little surprised of all that naughty attire in a family-friendly environment.  But, oh well.  That’s their problem.  All I know is that I have to support my team, no matter how naked their dance team wants to get. :)

Anyway, Happy Halloween to all of you.  Don’t eat too much candy…

-Dave Q.

To most everyone, today is Halloween.  But all my life, Halloween has been an after thought, since today is also my Mom’s birthday.  She occasionally reads my blog, no doubtedly wondering where she went wrong raising me.  :)

So let me say Happy birthday, Mom!  I love you very much and I hope you have a great day.

-Your Favorite Child (Dave Q.)

Well ladies and gentlemen, I’m done.  I have participated in this historical election.  I can look back years from now amd say I played my part.  Want proof you say?  Well, explain the “I Voted” sticker on my hat, Columbo?

So how many of you are slackers (like I’m betting my sisters are) and haven’t stood up to the plate and voted?  How many of you are waiting until Election Day?  How many of you don’t want to vote for either of these jokers?  How many of you put me in as your write in? :)

-Dave Q.

This post is aimed at my fellow bloggers.  So if you are not a blogger, there is a good chance you are not going to get some of this.  And therefore it will be a boring read.  Just a heads up.

Since mid-September, I have gotten a bunch of requests to add blogs to my Blogroll.  I’ve mostly ignored these requests.  Not that I was trying to be rude, but that I kind of thought a request was bizarre.  I’ve never requested to be added to someone’s Blogroll.  And I don’t have a ton of blogs listed, but when I find one I like, I just add it.  Plain and simple. Am I not practicing the right etiquette here?  Am I supposed to ask permission to add someone?  How do you handle it?  How do you decide what you Blogroll or not?

This got me thinking.  If I was being rude about the Blogroll thing, then I apologize (I am going to get on and hunt down Blog Ettiquette for Dummies).  So, let’s do this in the spirit of Halloween.  If you want to be added to the Blogroll, send me a pic of you in your Halloween costume!  I will then post all the pics I receive in a single post and link them back to your sites.  If you are already on my Blogroll, you still need to participate.  If not, then you will be represented with a Halloween pic of my choice.  ;)

I think this sounds pretty fair.  And don’t be shy with the costumes!  Your thoughts?

-Dave Q.

So I kind of had a stressful weekend with my fantasy football teams getting completely owned in all three of my leagues. I know you ladies out there will roll your eyes at that statement. I wish there was an anolgy I could come up with that would illustrate how frustrating it is. I know you don’t understand, so just trust me on this. :)

    Fat Kid gets shot with paintballs

So I stumbled upon this video, which I would have to consider as the ultimate stress relief. I tell you what, if I had a fat kid I could shoot paintballs at, I would be so happy. It would be therapeutic!
Honestly though, I can’t watch this video without laughing hard. And watching it enough times makes me forget about me maybe not winning my fantasy something whatever… See. It’s already worked wonders!

-Dave Q.

My buddy Albert just sent this to me.  I had to share. :)

Alright.  I will do my best to avoid politics the rest of the week.

-Dave Q.

We all saw this one coming.  And seriously, when is Halloween better than during an election year?  And it doesn’t hurt that one of the party tickets has a fairly attractive VP candidate. :)

You know there will be a ton of “Sarah Palin”s out there at those Halloween parties this year.  But will any of them be daring enough to wear this version of the costume?  With my luck, I will run into a Sarah Palin wannabe that has no business being in a bikini of any kind whatsover.  I can’t stress that enough.  Please, No Ugly Sarah Palins!

On another Sarah Palin note, the New York Daily News put out this somewhat creepy slideshow of what other celebrities could play ‘Sarah Palin’.  A couple of them are pretty good. Most of them are pretty scary.

-Dave Q.

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