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Halloween. A time for ghosts, goblins, trick-or-treats, and slutty outfits.

It’s the only time of year when the average girl next door can dress up super naughty and not feel bad about it. And most guys don’t feel bad about this either. You go to a bar or club the weekend of or before Halloween, and you’re going to see a great deal of skin. Or at least you will in San Antonio, where late October weather doesn’t stop a girl from exposing some flesh.

I went to Swig North this past Saturday for a friend’s birthday get together. The staff was all dressed up. And of course the female bartenders are dressed to get the biggest possible tips. And then there were all the “Naughtys.” Naughty cops. Naughty nurses. Naughty Witches. Naughty Belly Dancers. Naughty Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. I have to say that most of the girls showing skin were actually in decent shape. Lately all the provocatively dressed girls I’ve seen are a donut away from Weight Watches. So this was a nice change of pace.

Anyway, tomorrow you can expect to see a lot of the more innocent girls you know to dress as if they were walking around an Iranian market. They will probably be making a focused effort on covering up and not wearing anything sexy after they got dressed all slutty and got a little tipsy. What better way to make amends for all the pics taken of them freaking on the dance floor with a guy in a Gumby costume. Except it wasn’t a guy in a Gumby costume, but a ficus tree.

And just for the heck of it, a classic video wit even more classic parents! This cracks me up…

-Dave Q.

Today is my mother’s birthday.  Yes, I know it’s Halloween.  Halloween just happens to fall on her birthday. :)

So to the woman whom I’ve given enough headaches growing up to keep both Advil and Excedrin in business, I say God bless you.  I love you.  And have a great birthday!

Love, your favorite child…

-Dave Q.

This is truly amazing. I’ve never seen anything like this. The Trinity Tigers, needing a touchdown to win, do it by using 15 laterals! They end up beating the Millsaps Majors in a Div III showdown. Watch the video. This is freakin’ incredible.

Nice job, Trinity. You deserve lots of props. But you did have some luck. Luck combined with the most ridiculous defense known to man. Have these guys on Millsaps ever made a tackle before?? How can I describe this. Pathetic, Embarassing, Laughable, etc. No doubt their defensive coordinator is on suicide watch. He shoud go jump off a cliff. But he needs to take that entire defense with him. Yikes!

I bet you will watch the video more than once.

-Dave Q.

You ever have such a lousy weekend that you can’t wait to get back to work? No, you haven’t? Liar.

I’m glad it’s Monday. The weekend couldn’t have ended earlier for me. It was cursed from the get go. Starting with getting out of work late on Friday. I’m all for working late to accomplish more when there are less interruptions, but on a Friday? That’s where I draw the line. And then Saturday got kicked off with me going to get a haircut. I go to a place called SportsClips, where they cater to the sports fan by have the TVs tuned to whatever big game(s) are being broadcast. Well, the dame that cut my hair must have been really into the Colorado – Texas Tech game because she cut my hair way too damn short. I’m trying to water it to encourage it to grow. So that put me in a lousy mood the rest of the day.

Then yesterday I had to be at a family gathering. At 5pm. On a Sunday. In October. What does that mean? It means I am missing out on football AND the World Series. Man, that was just cruel and unusual. Not the way I want to end a weekend.

So I’m back at work. And I’m happy about it. I don’t have to explain to anyone how messed up that is. So I’m REALLY looking forward to next weekend. When I can do whatever I want. And I think I will specifically make it a point to do WHATEVER I want. I can’t really think of anything I want to do right now. But ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is sounding pretty good right now.

-Dave Q.

So last week I got AT&T to come out to my house and install their digital cable and internet package. They call it “U-Verse.” Which has led me to rename my old cable/internet service from Time-Warner to “U-Suck”.

Check this out. I got AT&T’s biggest package for cable. This is over 300 channels (most of which I’ve never heard of) and free HD for a year. That includes all the premium channels. With U-Suck, I only had HBO. I also got the fastest internet option from U-Verse. I would have inconsistent internet service with U-Suck, but in their slight defense I will say that it did improve in recent months. The bottom line is I am getting so much more now, and I’m saving $30 a month doing it.

Here’s something else. I had the U-Suck HD service. And while I don’t have a flat screen plasma, I do have an HD television. But I always thought to myself that HD just wasn’t worth it. Or that my TV wasn’t that great. To the point that I had started shopping for a new HD set. Well, in comes U-Verse. I couldn’t believe how much better the HD from U-Verse was compared to what U-Suck had! HUGE difference.

Since this service from AT&T is pretty new, I know there will be some growing pains with the service. But I’m willing to deal with that. I get to save some money and tell Time-Warner where to stick it. That is a great trade off in my opinion. You suck, U-Suck.

-Dave Q.

I missed work today in order to get some rest.  I’ve been bitten by the flu bug, or at least I think I have the flu.  I can’t bring myself to go to the doctor when all they are going to do is tell me to get some over the counter medication, drink lots of fluid, and get some rest.  Come to think of it, I can’t have the flu.  I am feeling much better and I can’t imaging recovering that fast from the flu.  So I guess I just had a cold.  By Friday I should be totally over it.

But since I slept so much today, I can’t sleep now.   And that sucks because I have to be at work early.  So, what now?  I guess I’ll watch some TV.  Maybe something interesting happened around the world while I was snoozing.

-Dave Q.

I think I’ve been so depressed abou Salma Hayek that it has gotten me sick. Or at least that’s what I’m blaming it on.

Got the sore throat. The congestion. The sore back. My back always gets sore when I’m about to get a cold. Is that just me? Anyway, I’m going to take some DayQuil now. And some orange juice.

-Dave Q.

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