Who am I? Excellent question. Let me think…

I’m David P. Quesada, a thirty-something IT analyst in the Alamo City. I wish I had something really cool to tell you about myself, but I don’t.  I guess I’m just a regular guy.

My passions include Atlanta Braves baseball, San Antonio Spurs basketball, sleeping, and now blogging. I love to travel whenever I can and also enjoy the occasional cigar.  I have two dogs that keep things interesting and the best family and friends a guy could ask for.

I do have my opinions about lots of things.  So in that regard, I’ve been called ignorant, insensitive, judgmental, conceited, politically incorrect, and just plain incorrect. I gotta be me, right?

8 Responses to “Who is David Quesada?”

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    Well with the exception of the post-it note invention and being touched by Salma Hayek I would say everything else is pretty much dead on. Kudos to being honest about yourself!

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    Wow David, who knew? You were right, I did get a kick out of it.

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    Oh damn, that’s funny. Nothing better than a little self-deprication. I see i’m not alone….

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    Hey David,

    What does the P stand for?

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    Nice job!!!!!!!

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    You forgot to mention, that when you born GOD destroy the mold; that way it won’t be another person just like you. You are UNIQUE! Lo quiero mas que a mi propia vida!!!

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    Politically Incorrect that’s just short for Republican. Right?
    You know I couldn’t let that one pass me by. As for being touched by Salma Hayek… Rubbing a pic of her over your genitals doesn’t count. FYI, I’d never say you were any of those terms you’ve been called. Quite the opposite.

  • Jamie:

    You couldn’t have found a better picture of me?? Come on, Dave!Nice web page, keep it up! :)

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