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So I have 2 weeks to go in Lent.  And I am barely hanging in there.

I have been good without eating any red meat.  But damn I want to tear into a steak so bad.  You just don’t know!  And the lack of sweet tea (or any tea for that matter) has been killing me.  I am amazed at my self-discipline.

The no haircuts and no shaving thing is in full effect.  I am truly shocked by this.  About 2 weeks ago I was so close to shaving that I actually applied the shaving cream to my face.  It was oh so close.

I failed in trying to avoid going out for lunch.  It was just to damn hard to do.  So I botched that one up.  And the not eating after sundown?  Yeah.  That’s down the tubes as well.  Now you know why I stacked the deck.  I knew I would crack on a couple.  Oh, yeah.  The no sarcasm thing?  Didn’t work either.  :(

Anyway, bottom line is I have 2 weeks to go.  And right now I look like a homeless guy.  A cranky homeless guy.  I have been trying to keep up with some pics of the beard, so I will be posting what I have the day after easter.

See you at the finish line.  Which also resembles a barber shop.

-Dave Q.

I stumbled across this on the interwebs.  Man, this brings back some memories.  Back in the day when I was a kid, I remember sneaking to the living room after my parents went to bed and watching TV until they stopped broadcasting.  Yes, back then they would stop broadcasting and call it a night.  This was the network’s sign off.

Anyway, the last thing they would show is the little video and poem called High Flight.  I didn’t get why they would show it at the time, but I knew as soons as that jet got airborne it was time to go back to bed.  Anyway, brings back some memories.

I don’t know what the Dr. Phil crap is at the end of the video.  But I don’t remember the good doctor being around those days. :)

-Dave Q.

Early Friday morning (just happened to be Friday the 13th), a small pizza parlor near my neighborhood went up in flames.  A moment of silence for Pizza Italia please…  :(

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Damn I loved the food there.  It was a place to hit after a softball game.  And I had them on speed dial when I wanted a pizza delivered.  Dominos and Pizza Hut can suck it.  Pizza Italia was some awesome stuff!  And they had the best damn wings, too.  (sigh)…

I hope they rebuild.  The damage was pretty extensive.  In some cases, a total loss was reported.  But I have faith that Pizza Italia will rise again.

On a side note, my roommate hated Pizza Italia.  It was too complex for him (his thing is a simple pepperoni pizza from Little Ceasar’s).  So I have to question where he was at approximately 4am last Friday.  And whether or not he had lighter fluid and matches on him.  I’m just saying.

-Dave Q.

So softball season began last night.  Obviously, I didn’t play.  But the new Softball Inc. team won both games!  I’d say this is cause for celebration!

Do yourself a favor, and watch the above video until the very end.  It will be worth it.  Trust me. :)

Now I know what you’re thinking.  That they won both games last night because I wasn’t playing.  That may very well be true.  But winning without me playing is just boring.  You’ll just have to believe me on this.  But I do want to thank the well wishers regarding my injury.  The finger is on the mend.  I’ll be flippin’ the bird in no time.

One cool thing about this team is that the jerseys being made will have names on the back that will be character names from the movie “Top Gun”.  You follow?  Hopefully the jerseys will be ready next week and some pics can be posted.  Stay tuned.

-Dave Q.

Last night I was playing some pretty solid defense in the outfield.  And since it was the last game of the season, I asked to play an inning at shortstop.  Well, ladies and gentlemen, God doesn’t want me to play shortstop.  Ever.

It was a funky play.  Nothing cool about it.  I was basically taking a relay throw back from the outfield.  The throw bounced just short of me and came up and drilled me in the right middle finger.  I picked up the ball, threw it back in, and then looked at my hand where I found blood everywhere (my friends told me there was a trail of blood leading to the bathroom).

I thought the extent of the injury was that the nail on my finger got pushed up by the ball.  So at worst, I figured, I would just be losing the nail.  But the wound never stopped bleeding.  So I went to the doctor this morning and the found that the reason the nail on the finger was being pushed up was that a bone in my finger broke and was forcing the nail up.  Sucks, don’t it?

Here’s one of the x-rays in case any of you know how to read one.

Anyway, I have an appointment tomorrow with a hand surgeon.  I’m hoping surgery can be avoided, but I just don’t know.  If they have to cut my finger open, then I can kiss my dreams of being a hand model good-bye.  :(


Surgery was successful.  Typing will be difficult, though.  I wish I had some voice recognition software for this.  But anyway, my finger is numb and I have some vicodin waiting on stand-by.

Conan O’Brien and Walker Texas Ranger

Just wanted to publicly say thanks to Conan O’Brien for 16 years of late night hillarity.  I hope he brings the same comic genius to The Tonight Show in May.  But until then, I’ll have to hunt the web for classic Conan clips like the one above.

The above clip is from when he would play random clips of Walker, Texas Ranger.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then go back to watching Nick At Nite.

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