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A quick shout out to my fellow IT bothers and sisters out there.  Today is System Administrator’s Appreciation Day.  And if your office is anything like mine, then you will probably go all day without anyone mentioning anything to you.  Why?  Probably because they suck.  But most likely because they just don’t know about it.  And I’m not the kind of guy to go around and tell everyone that they are failing to recognize a significant day to techies everywhere.  I will just take my time today should they need anything.  :)  

Anyway, I hope all of you out there help spread the word.  Maybe it becomes viral?  Maybe someday soon we start getting the recognition we deserve?  After all, they have secretary’s day, or is it the more politically correct administrative assistant’s day?  Who knows.  But I do know the boss’s admin couldn’t print out those reports if a sysadmin hadn’t installed the software and setup that printer. ;)

Keep fighting the good fight!

-Dave Q.

BTW, I love Jennifer Aniston.

There is just something about Mexican soccer star Rafa Marquez I don’t like. He’s got this smug look about him. I have no doubt that he would romance the pants off of his best friend’s wife if left alone with her for 15 minutes. He looks like that one guy in the Diane Lane movie, Unfaithful. Kind of Euro-trashy.

Now in all honesty, I don’t think Marquez is all bad. He’s from Mexico. And without Mexico, there wouldn’t be enchiladas. Or Speedy Gonzalez. So I can’t be that upset with him.

With that being said, no way in hell I want my woman near this guy! Whenever she goes on a trip to Mexico, it makes me nervous. Is Marquez out there like a snake? Watching? Waiting for the moment to strike? I would hands down say yes. Greasy haired bastard.

Keep in mind, fellas. Most women wouldn’t mind being snake bitten by this scum bag. So don’t say I didn’t warn you! Now, back to photoshopping Marquez stomping on some puppies…

-Dave Q.

Note:  Yes, I may still be bitter about the U.S. getting owned by Mexico in the soccer match last Sunday, but I assure you that is complete coincidence.  :)

I’ve been to California.  It’s a beautiful state.  It makes me sad to see something like this and realize that it is being overrun with crazy people.

Both my sisters will be calling California “home” in the near future.  It breaks my heart.

-Dave Q.

I played in a company softball tournament yesterday.  It was a lot of fun!  We battled for a while and ended up playing a total of 7 games to lose in the championship game.  2nd place is nothing to be ashamed of.  We fought hard and lost to a very good team.  Compared to us, they were pretty fresh.  I think they played 3 fewer games than us.  Anyway, it was hot.  The temps were hovering around 100 degrees.  And I got hurt.  Again.

This time it was my hamstring.  I was running from first base to second when I felt a pop in my right leg.  I could have sworn I heard it too, but I’m pretty sure I imagined that part.  Anyway, it hurt like hell.  That was in our 6th game.  So I sat the rest of that one out and then of course I missed the last game.  It killed me to watch our team struggle in the last game because it was so evident that we had nothing left in the tank.  So we lost the game.  But we left everything out on the field.

So now I’m walking around with a limp.  I’m hoping the hammy heals up fairly soon.  Besides our current season, there is another softball season on the horizon.  I know what you’re thinking.  It’s time for me to hang them up.  My second significant softball injury of 2009.  I’m 33 years old.  But I still feel the urge to compete.  And until that goes away, I want to do something.  I want to stay active.  So I will try to be more careful.  :)

Time for me to limp off to bed.

-Dave Q.

This is over a year old.  But I was wondering if this girl ever got her money.  Do any of you remember this?

This model sued online jewelry retailer for $5 million. The reason for this is because she appears in an ad that makes her look like.. well…, frankly like she’s having an orgasm. But after seeing the ad, what the hell did she think was going to be the end result? Did she think it would be interpreted as an asthma attack? I’m not buying that. Sorry.

    Rock her world
    Uploaded by men24greece

According to the model, the director told her to pretend ‘over-excitement’. Well, this excitement was clearly sexually charged. She knew what she was doing.

I hope she didn’t get a dime of that $5 million. But I do see a successful adult film career in her future.

The funny thing is, I originally saw this video while at the office. And the speakers were on a little louder than usual. So all the moaning kind of scared the crap out of me. I do know that if someone had heard it walking by, they wouldn’t have believed it to be a commercial for jewelry. Would you?

Sex sells. We all know that. It’s science.

-Dave Q.

So I’ve been out of pocket for a while.  Not that anyone noticed.  But I’m back.  And I have lots of updating to do on this awesome blog of mine that I’ve been neglecting!

I will not rest one second until I get things up to date.  Now… it’s lunch time.

-Dave Q.

I’ve got nothing against someone who wants to do something to protect the environment (except maybe Al Gore).  But these people are %$#&@ crazy.  And they wonder why no one takes these nut jobs seriously.

-Dave Q.

Just an FYI.  Don’t bother hitting on her.

-Dave Q.

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