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My buddy Brian has got some hardcore softball fever (as opposed to cedar fever which is what I’ve been suffering from).  I know this because in the past, he has periodically mentioned how he would want to start his own team from scratch.  But then that talk would evaporate and it would be business as usual playing on our friend Jay’s team.

Well, this week Brian went all out.  He is putting a team together.  He is actively recruiting players, buying uniforms, and even set up a website for the team.  The team name you ask?  We are called Softball, Inc. To be honest, I’m not 100% sure that comma should be there, but, whatever.  I dig it.  If you click on the link, he has an old softball team pic in there.  And some witty remarks here and there.  We’ll see.  It should be a fun season.  I look forward to it.

So if you live in the San Antonio area and feel like playing, check out the site and contact Brian.  Just don’t join the team with the intention of knocking me out of batting 9th in the line-up!  If those are your intentions, then move along.  No room for you at the inn!

-Dave Q.

My little sister emailed me these.  Which is unusual.  Normally her sense of humor is…  how should I put it…  non existent.  :)   I’m just messing with you Olga.  If you have a sense of humor you will think that was funny.  And if you don’t, then you don’t.  And my first statement will be true.  I call that a “win-win”.

Thanks for the “Y” chromosome, God!  You the Man!

-Dave Q.

Here is an eye-opening lecture on why you shouldn’t talk to police.  Ever.  I’m serious.  Or at least the law professor giving this lecture is.

Needless to say, I’ll think twice before talking to the police.  And you guys should too.  Especially you.  No, not you.  YOU.

-Dave Q.

It’s Friday.  And I’m off of work. :)   I actually had to take the dogs to the vet, so it wasn’t completely a day of doing nothing.  And now I’m doing laundry.  But I came across this classic Bugs Bunny cartoon that always makes me smile.  Reminds me of my Dad.  Long story.

Coincidentally, I’ve been to Seville.  Didn’t see any rabbits.  Or bunnies for that matter.

-Dave Q.

First off, Happy MLK day!  Now, on with my misery…

I never used to have allergies as a kid.  Never.  I remember kind of laughing at all the allergy sufferers I would see.  Well, I’m not laughing anymore.  I am one of them now.  And I have no idea how it happened. Is that part of life?  Does your immune system start to break down in a way that it allows for allergies to slap you around?  I may have missed the memo on this.

What sucks is that I am a “warm weather” person.  I live in San Antonio, I was born in Hawaii, and my family is from Costa Rica.  Tropical, humid weather is in my blood.  So naturally I despise cold weather.  But this is where the conflict comes in.  If the weather stays cold, my allergies don’t seem so bad.  But when it hits about 65 degrees, then I am miserable.  Damn, this sucks.  My eyes are watering.  My throat is raw. I’m congested.  But, hey.  Who’s complaining?

And then there is the case of allergy medicine.  I can’t find one that works consistently.  Allegra is as effective as a Tic-Tac.  Claritin D?  No dice.  If you have any suggestions, please send them my way.  Or Kleenex.  Feel free to send Kleenex my way too.

-Dave Q.

Here is a clip from a local TV station in Hawaii.  My sister, Ale, is called in to drop some knowledge on why kids are fat and out of shape these days (video games) and what they can do to lose some weight.  I know she went to school for this kind of thing, but I didn’t realize she paid so much attention in class!

Nice job, Ale.  I’m proud of you.  Not so much because you are on the news, but because of the reason you are on there.  You worked hard and earned it.  Unfortunately, the only way I’m going to end up on TV is because I witness a tornado or something.  :)

-Dave Q.

One of the coolest videos ever made, period!  And definitely the feel good video of 2008.   Maybe in some cases, the only good part of 2008?  Was a rough year.

Anyway, I’m sure most of you have seen it already, but it’s worth posting in case anyone missed it.  And if you did miss it, you can read the story about the video at  How cool is that!  I envy Matt’s passport.

Watching this video always makes me smile.  And it always makes me want to pack up and do some more traveling!  Yeah!!  Let’s do this!  Who’s with me!!??…  (crickets)….  Anybody?…..  (more crickets).  Screw you guys, then.  I guess it’s just me.  And the crickets.

-Dave Q.

2009 is 5 days old and I really don’t have any concrete resolutions.  That is, until now!  :)   So I thought I would share them.  This way, maybe someone out there will hold me accountable.

  1. Go to sleep earlier: I have lousy sleep habits.  They are almost as bad as my eating habits.  Basically, I am a night owl.  And of course I pay for it in the morning.  I think it would be an extremely good lifestyle change to do this.  I can only gain from it, right?  And it’s not like I go out and stay out late or anything, so I don’t feel I will be losing much.  We’ll see how it goes.
  2. Go to Church: I’m far from being a good Catholic, but I do want to address this.  And I am realistic in that I know I don’t have the self-discipline to go to church every Sunday right away.  So my goal is to go to mass once a month at the least.  I think that will be a good start.  Also I need to find a church I like.
  3. Be nicer to co-workers: Now this one is kind of funny, because I think I am a pretty cool guy to work with.  But every now and again someone at work gets to know me and later on tells me how little they thought of me before getting to know me.  I don’t know what it is that I do to make people think like this.  Maybe I will try to smile more.  :)
  4. Learn to cook: I can barbecue (a little).  And I can cook (very little).  I just want to be as good in the kitchen like I am in other rooms in the house.  LOL!  Yeah!  Funny!!… (crickets).  Yeah, I know.  I’m horrible in bed.
  5. Finish remodeling my house: I started this task in September of last year.  It is a sloooow process.  But it’s getting there.  I can picture the final result, and it will be nice.  I just have to knock it out.
  6. Lower my cholesterol: It has been steadily dropping every time I check it.  So as long as this trend continues, I should be good.

So I figure 6 resolutions is a good start.  Can I do this?  Yes.  Will I do this?  Hell if I know.  But I’m going to give it the old college try.  Good luck on your own resolutions.  I better get started…

-Dave Q.

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