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So am I to believe that after all these years of avoiding watching American Idol, that girls that look like Katherine McPhee have been the contestants?  If that’s the case, why didn’t someone tell me?

I Googled Katherine McPhee and apparently she didn’t win American Idol the year she was on there.  WTF?  Are you serious???  How can she not have won?  I mean…. look at her!  It saddens me to think what this country has come to.  It just isn’t the American way to have someone this hot not win a singing contest.  ;)   If I were Simon Cowell and Katherine McPhee came in to audition looking like this, I would have immediately handed over the trophy and asked her to marry me.

-Dave Q.

I’ve received some very nice wedding announcements over the years.  All have been in either sent through the mail or in email form.  But check this one out.  I’m not sure what this says about Jeff and Erin.  Are they super creative?  Or do they simply have too much money and time on their hands?  You be the judge.

On another note, how about that height difference, huh?  Wow.  I know a lot of girls that would not be cool with that.

-Dave Q.

I just want to make it clear who my allegiance belongs to in this late night talk show cluster fu&$%!  I’ve never found Jay Leno to be all that funny.  Conan on the other hand can be a bit cheesy at times, but compared to Leno, he’s a comedy genius.  :)

I hope Conan tells NBC to go to hell and moves to another network.  And then goes head to head against Jay Leno.  And kicks his ass.  That would be comedy justice.

-Dave Q.

Wow.  I can’t believe we are 2 weeks into 2010 already.  I’ve been slacking on here because my focus has been elsewhere.  So that means this is my first post of the new year.  So… Happy New Year!  Moving on…

I’m glad to have survived yet another holiday season.  It’s funny how it was so fun and stress free when I was younger.  And today it’s one huge headache.  Part of growing up, I guess.  I did score some gift cards from Home Depot to help me with my remodeling project.  Yes, the same remodeling project that started in late 2008.  I’m just as sick of it as anyone else is.  It’s difficult to complete when you only work on it during the weekends.  And then of course, football season comes along and then that cuts in to your remodeling time.  You know where I’m coming from.  :)

Anyway, all the difficult stuff is done.  Or at least it appears to be.  You never know.  So my focus over the last month has been my “man cave”.  Basically, it’s going to be an office, but with a personal touch.  That would include a flat screen, an X-Box, a mini fridge, and some decor that could be seen as tacky.  See dogs playing pool pic above!

I actually love that poster.  I have it in a nice frame.  Looks good.  I got it almost 10 years ago.  My girlfriend at the time hated it.  She referred to it as tacky, juvenile, and tasteless.  Yet, I loved it.  I’m pretty sure she would have taken a hammer to it if she ever had the opportunity.  I don’t remember if she ever said anything like “it’s either me or the dogs playing pool”.  All I know is that she’s not around anymore.  And the dogs are.  Rack ‘em!

-Dave Q.

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