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Let me tell you about stress. I don’t exactly deal with it gracefully. When stress hits a certain level for me, I kind of shut down. I don’t want to talk to anyone. I don’t want to be around people. I just want to be left alone. And right now I have enough of that stress to be entering that phase. All by my own doing.

The worst kind of stress is when you are stressed out by your own actions. There are plenty of times in life when you have things coming at you left and right that you have no control over, and thus causing you some headaches. But at least you have someone else to blame for that. Right now, all my stress is self-induced. And I absolutely hate myself for it.  I find myself asking ‘How did you let this happen?’, ‘What the hell is wrong with you?’.

I have a trip for work coming up at the end of April. And right now I’m looking forward to it. It will get me out of town, and I need that badly.  A friend of mine tells me I am running away from my problems.  Maybe I am.  I guess we all have our ways of dealing with this stuff.  Like I mentioned before, I am not exactly graceful with this.

-Dave Q.

Car washes across San Antonio are about to get busy.

Yesterday afternoon, it basically started raining dirt. The sky turned from a blue to a kind of yellowish tinted color, and then it drizzled. And that basically put mud everywhere. I’ve never seen anything like it before. As you can see, it left a nice layer of dirt on the surface of my Jeep after things dried up.

I guess I should be happy, considering the Jeep was a little dirty to begin with. Now no one can say crap to me, since pretty much everyone is going to have “wash me” written by finger on the back of their vehicles.

According to the local weather experts, the cause of the rain coming down like this was a combination of ash and dirt in the air from a big fire in central Mexico. Way to go, Mexico. You never stop impressing me.

-Dave Q.

BTW, I know the begining of the video sounds bad with all the wind blowing. But I blame Mexico for that weather phenomenon, too.


Check out this video of Chris Berman going bonkers. I found it by accident. I was actually searching for new “sharking” videos. How Chris Berman came into the equation is anybody’s guess.

Just thought I would share. Now… back to my original search.

-Dave Q.

Maggie, a long time member of my family, has passed away. She was my mother’s dog the better part of 13 years. And as crazy as that little dog would drive me for barking at me for no reason, she did bring smiles to our faces and was a constant companion for my mom. She will be missed.

Goodbye, Maggie. I hope they have soccer balls for you to chase around up there…

-Dave Q.

    Bikers foil robbery attempt in Australia – Watch more free videos

What happens when two dipshits go into a club armed with a machete and samurai sword to rob it?? Depends if they are in Australia or not. Because apparently those Aussies don’t take crap like that.

If only we could have gotten a close up of their faces when they got a glimpse of all those bikers running at them. :)

-Dave Q.

Dear Texas Voters,

flipping the bird

Way to give Hillary the primary, retards. If that broad becomes President, God help you if you are around me when you start complaining about her. What a bunch of geniuses.

-Dave Q


Today is a big day in the political scene. And also for our nation. And possibly the universe. It’s Super Tuesday Lite. Ohio and Texas vote today in their primaries. And so do Rhode Island and Vermont, but they are barely states to begin with, so they aren’t getting much attention with this. A lot is riding on this day. I don’t know how other states will vote, but because I’m in Texas, I hope the people here don’t embarrass me and give a victory to what’s her name.



Here’s a bit of advice for anyone that can see through this “woman” and straight into the darkness of her cold, black heart. As much fun as it would be to see her lose a national election, we should get her out of the way now. Why set up the opportunity for a bunch of people to go retarded in November and vote for her? I don’t want America to take that chance. Stranger things can happen. Like Eli Manning winning the Super Bowl, for example.

Bottom line: If you have the opportunity to drive a stake into Dracula’s chest, for the love of everything that is good and holy, don’t hesitate. Do it!

I really don’t think I can stomach seeing her face flashing across the TV with such frequency much longer. Makes me regret getting the HD package.

-Dave Q.

Just when you think you’ve seen everything, you haven’t

TruTV, which used to be Court TV, has announced that they will air a new series called ‘Man vs. Cartoon’, in which normal everyday morons people try to replicate in real life what they have seen in a cartoon.  Yes, you read that right.  I don’t blame you if you don’t believe me, but you can read about it here.

So basically my expectations go something like this.  Joe Idiot puts on some roller blades and straps an ACME rocket onto his back, waits for a roadrunner (or something of comparable speed) to run by, lights his fuse on the rocket in an attempt to chase said Roadruner, and basically kills himself.  That’s when the family of Joe Idiot show up with an attorney and sue TruTV, which eventually leads them to again change the name of the network.  But this time they change the name to reflect the ownership, which is now the family of the victim.  You guessed it.  TruTV is now IdiotTV.

But all that being said, I will probably watch it.  I just want to see if they are actually going to drop an anvil on someone’s head.

-Dave Q.

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