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Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the winner of my Fantasy Football League…


I have so many people to thank for this.  Namely Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Hillis.  Great season guys!  Rashard Mendenhall was a workhorse all year and what can you say about Desean Jackson?  All those flashy plays made contributed to the Banana Warriors first championship!  I also want to thank the outstanding General Manager of the Banana Warriors, me.  Outstanding job all around!

What’s cool about this league is that this is the 3rd year all of us play together, so we all know each other and get together for a live draft each year.  It makes for good trash talk, although this year it was lacking a bit.  Perhaps this can be addressed next year.  Anyway, 2010 will be the first year we are going to be awarding a trophy!  Something that we will have engravable plates on it  so that the winner each year will have their team name on the trophy, and the winner takes the trophy for the year.  Sounds pretty good to me!  So the next task for our league will be to name said trophy.  We’ve been kicking around some ideas around, but I think a good name for it would be “The Sterger Cup”, named after former Jets sideline reporter and Brett Favre text-scandal chick Jenn Sterger.  I figure her 15 minutes are almost up anyway, so why not salute her contribuitons to journalism boobs with this honor?  I mean, the girl isn’t all that bright to begin with and once the looks go, this trophy might be the only thing she has left.  :)   What do you think?

-Dave Q.

So I have good news and bad news.  The good news is that I got a fancy flat-bed scanner for Christmas!  Nice, right?  So here’s the bad news.  I have a shoe box full of pictures from way back in the day.  So if I had any kind of friendship with you before digital cameras became all the rage, your pic will most likely be making the rounds on the internet very soon.  Consider yourself warned.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!  :)

-Dave Q.

Well, well, well!  Not only did I make the playoffs in my (primary) Fantasy Football League, but thanks to Adrian Peterson sitting out the game last night against the Bears, I’m in the championship, baby!  But let’s not get too excited.  Let me explain why…

First, I played for the championship last year, too.  And it didn’t turn out that well.  In fact, my team was pretty much roofied and raped, if I remember correctly.  Actually, maybe I don’t remember it that well at all.  Roofies have that effect, right?  That might be for the best.

Second, my star QB, the guy that has brought my team and carried them nearly all the way to this point got a concussion and may not play.  I’m talking about Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers (for you non-football types).  In fact, he missed last week and because of that I was a crazy night from Adrian Peterson away from being eliminated.  That said, AP didn’t play.  And the Banana Warriors roll on!

Third, and this is my biggest concern, I am playing the one guy in the league that I couldn’t beat all season!  Doh!  The Banana Warriors finished the season 11 – 3.  Two of those losses came to this chump.  So, yeah.  Not good.  Possibly no Aaron Rodgers and facing the guy who pummeled me twice is not the situation I want to be going into the championship game with.  But, 3rd time’s the charm, right??

So this time next week, I will either be bummed out or on cloud 9.  Maybe I should have put “League Championship” on my Christmas list?  Dammit!  I already mailed it.

-Dave Q.

(Let the record show that I usually play in several fantasy leagues, but this league has the most money and prestige involved, so it takes priority over all others…)

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