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Apparently these two 18-year-olds got escorted off a Southwest plane, and then banned from the airline all together after they caused a commotion on a flight from Tampa to Los Angeles. You can read more about that here.

Obviously we are only getting their side of the story. My hunch is that there is more to it. Like maybe the fact that they are spoiled brats? And also that the brunette isn’t all that attractive? I mean, look at the pics in the beginning of the news report and then look at her. I can only imagine how many times someone has met her and thought, “Man, she looks way better on myspace.” She thinks she was being discriminated based upon her looks? Nope. Sorry, baby. You were being discriminated against because you are a stuck-up bitch.

Looking and listening to these two I could only guess they went to Los Angeles to audition for some reality TV show. Or to maybe see if they could sneak into some club and party with Paris Hilton. The exact kind of person that will get no sympathy from me. Southwest has now regained my respect after the whole Kyla Ebberts thing. Nice job.

-Dave Q.

I am watching the Democratic debate right now. I am loving this. Hillary Clinton has made herself look like a complete ass-clown. She is whining about how she always gets the first question during the debates. And then she referenced Saturday Night Live on how Obama is getting special treatment. Haha! How presidential of her. Nothing will earn respect to the Presidency of the United States as the leader of the free world being a whiner.

Now there are more fireworks! These are the acts of a very desperate woman. It’s pathetic. Yet I can’t stop watching. Or smiling. Or laughing. :)

Ok. I’m going to finish watching this. I’m sure you guys will see all these highlights in the news. But god that look on her face is golden! That bitch is pissed!

After this I’m going to turn to the Tivo and watch last Saturday’s SNL. Must have been a good one.

-Dave Q.

It’s pretty obvious to me that with the Clinton campaign pulling this crap about Obama and the Muslim garb he was photographed in, that they are in official desperation mode. Can’t say that I am shocked. Nor should anyone else be. Anyone with a clue should have the knowledge that Hillary Clinton cares about only one thing: Power. And Barack Obama is the biggest obstacle for her to reach that power. So, with that in mind, she will do anything it takes to win the presidency. Not because she gives a rat’s ass about you or me. But because she thirsts for power.

This goes to show how out of touch Hillary Clinton and her henchmen (sorry. Henchpeople. Have to be politically correct here.) are with the average American people. We are sick of politics. And we are sick of these kinds of tactics. If people already don’t hate Hillary enough, this just adds to it. I already despise this broad, so my disgust with her couldn’t grow anymore.

Man I hope she loses. I hope she loses badly.

-Dave Q.

On Valentine’s day, Lucas Films released the teaser trailer for the new Indiana Jones flick. It’s a quick one and you don’t get too much out of it, but it’s cool to see Harrison Ford back in this role. Out of all the sequels that have come out in recent years, I have been looking forward to this one for some time now. George Lucas, this is your chance to make things right. Your one and only chance to make up for the absolute garbage that was those three films you made and tied in to your original Star Wars trilogy. I really hope you don’t screw up one of the greatest characters in movie history.

Anyway, I’m really pumped for this one. Indiana Jones back in all his glory. I have some friends that give me a hell for dressing up as Indiana Jones for Halloween several years running. But come on, it was one of the easiest costumes to put together! I just happened to have all the stuff. Brown Fedora. Bullwhip. Khakis. Brown leather jacket. Far better than anything you would find in a costume shop.

This makes me think of my ex-girlfriend. She used to insist that Indy’s jacket was a dirty old denim jacket. So dirty that it turned brown. That was one of my favorite arguments with her. One of many. :) I hope by now she’s figured this one out. Then again, she was always a little on the nutty side.

The jacket is leather, Steph. It’s a brown leather jacket.

-Dave Q.

A bunch of naughty photos of members of the Sacramento Kings dance team are being circulated on the web. From what I can tell, it looks like one of the girls posted a bunch of her pics online, where they eventually got leaked. Well, that wasn’t the smartest thing she could do if she wanted to keep them under wraps. But is anyone shocked that this girl had several thousand brain cells on their lunch break when she decided to do this?

I don’t have a problem with these. In fact, I encourage all cheerleader types to express themselves in this manner, and then share them with the rest of the world! But let’s be honest, is anyone surprised by this? This is becoming the norm for young twenty-something girls everywhere. And I speak for every man out there when I say, “keep ‘em coming”!

If you want to see the more risque pics, go to Don’t get your hopes to high, though. The girls aren’t the hottest in the world. But yeah, I would say it’s worth taking a look.

-Dave Q.

First, let me wish you all a very special and very happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you all get the love that you so desperately desire.

Second, let me tell you how much I think Valentine’s Day sucks. Is it because I never get anything? Nope. I’ve already gotten a bunch of gifts and candy from adoring fans, and it’s only 9 a.m, so that’s not it. It’s because Valentine’s Day is a corporate holiday, in the sense that it was created for the sole purpose of generating crazy amounts of money for companies like Hallmark, FTD, Russell Stover, etc. It is essentially a scam. Yet we are made to feel guilty if we don’t buy all these things to make our significant others feel loved. I’ve got news for you. If it takes Valentine’s Day for your significant other to feel loved, you’ve got much bigger problems, my friend.

I also despise going to dinner on Valentine’s Day. But if you’re a regular reader of the blog, then you already know my strong feelings about that. Bottom line, it’s not worth it. In fact, February 14th may possibly be the worst day to ever dine out. Period. Don’t believe me? Then go to dinner tonight. It doesn’t even have to be a real fancy place. Hell, go to Chili’s if you want. I dare you.

Horbi's secret love

The only interesting part about Valentine’s Day is seeing all the women at work roll their eyes when one of their co-workers gets a delivery of flowers. I love that! They had a little something here that you can send a co-worker a Valentine, so Brian and I took it upon ourselves to send one on Horbi’s behalf. When you read the message in the pic, try to imagine it being said in a Puerto Rican accent. :)

Just because I don’t like Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean I’ve lost my sense of humor.

-Dave Q.

God bless those guys at Sports Illustrated. It’s decisions like this that make me proud to be an American. Yes, folks. Seeing a half naked Marisa Miller gets my patriotic juices flowing.

-Dave Q.

I’ve always thought of myself as fairly conservative. But lately with all that is happening in the world of politics right now, I feel the need to rethink my positions. I do have a couple of liberal views and my reasons for them, so I know I’m not 100% conservative. So what the hell am I really?

So today I made it a point to use this beautiful Al Gore invention and search the web for answers. Maybe a test or quiz.? Some kind of questionaire to help me determine if I’m a “right wing nut job” or a “tree hugging hippie”. Well, I think I found one. Check it out here. It comes from the website, and it looks as if these folks specialize in this kind of research. The questions, and the page are dated 2005, but I figure it’s close enough.

So I took the test. And the results were slightly shocking. I’m not as conservative as I thought. But I’m no “bleeding heart”, either. Did it do anything to make it clearer who I’m going to vote for this November? Not really. Unless you include the fact that I will never vote for Hillary Clinton. But I knew that before I took the quiz.

-Dave Q.

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