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Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox kissed on the season finale of “Dirt” Tuesday night. What is “Dirt”? Damn good question. I guess it’s a show that one of them is on now. And apparently it’s not doing too hot if they had to bring in the big guns and show a kiss between these two. This had to easily be the most watched episode of “Dirt” ever. But after hearing so much about it, and then finally seeing it, I have to say it sucked. See for yourself.

Seriously? That’s it? That’s what the big deal was? There was nothing sexy about it. I got more of a kick when Jennifer Aniston played grab-ass for a second on Courtney Cox.

So we can easily come to the conclusion based on this episode, that the season finale for “Dirt” was probably in fact the series finale. Because if you can’t make a kiss between Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston smoking hot, then you obviously are in the wrong line of work. I mean, how easy is it to make that scene hot? And they blew it? Wow.

-Dave Q.

So Peyton Manning hosted Saturday Nigh Live this past weekend. I was skeptical at first, since most athletes that have hosted, like Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, and Charles Barkley, haven’t done that great a job. But he actually did pretty good. Here are a couple of clips from the show.

At the end of the show, his brothers (Eli and the other non-QB brother) came out with a birthday cake for Peyton while the cast sang him Happy Birthday. I’m no rocket scientist, but I think it was his birthday. Anyway, I’m sure Eli Manning was trying to think of some way to get on SNL, so he probably cooked this up. Apparently only Super Bowl Championship Quarterbacks get to host SNL. So God knows that was the only way Eli was going to get on there. Litte draft-dodging douchebag.

-Dave Q.

14 days to go. I’m doing pretty good. I have avoided all alcohol, which hasn’t been easy. I’ve had plenty of temptation thrown my way in the form of Happy Hours, a bachelor party, St. Patrick’s Day, etc. Attending all without giving in to the surrounding booze. Again, I’m not a big drinker, but it’s so easy to order a drink when all your friends have one in hand. So if there is anything going on right after Easter, let a brother know.

And everything else has been good, too. No iced tea. No red meat (KILLING ME!). No eating after 5pm. And going to church on Sundays. And so far, no bad side effects. :)

By the way, is it normal to have a dream about a ribeye? In my dream, I’m basically chasing a ribeye with fork and knife in hand. The ribeye is begging for mercy, running around screaming. Unfortunately, I wake up before I could get to the ribeye. But the dream will be a reality in two short weeks. Run and hide, ribeye. Run and hide.

-Dave Q.

Wow. I have had the worst luck lately trying to get a new passport. Every time I go, there is something that keeps me from closing the deal. I to the post office yesterday to file the paperwork, only to find out that they require you pay with a check. And then just a little while ago I went, but they closed the office for lunch at noon. Damn.

I’m planning on doing some traveling this summer. I will be in Las Vegas next month, possibly Costa Rica the next (depending on the turnaround time on the passport), Spain and Portugal in July, and then New Orleans in September. It will be a little nuts, but I’ve been saying for years about how I want to travel before I have further responsibilities, like kids.

I will not rest for one second until I get this passport situation resolved!! But for now I’m gonna go get a bite to eat. By the way, you know it’s about $100 for a passport? And to get it rushed, which is what I may have to do for Costa Rica, is about $100 more? So $200 for the passport. You damn well know I’m going to travel. And I better have a good time doing it.

-Dave Q.

So I went to a party on St. Patrick’s Day.  I figured this wouldn’t be so bad.  There would be beer and other forms of alcohol, but not to the extent of a bar on St. Patty’s Day.  So I went there with an attitude of “have a good time no matter what”.  Well, I never realized how critical a couple of drinks are in the spirit of having a good time.  I’m not saying you can’t have a good time without alcohol, but when you are the only one not drinking, it feels like you’re missing out.  And if you say something less than intelligent, which I’ve been known to do, you don’t have alcohol to blame.  Damn.

Smile?  How about you go to hell instead?


So I’m saying it now.  I won’t be giving up alcohol for Lent next year.  And if I do have that thought, I hope someone hits me in the head with a 9 iron.  It is just a lousy time to not be drinking freely.  Maybe next year I’ll give up something that I don’t do now.  Like coffee.  I don’t do coffee.  So that won’t be hard.

-Dave Q.

This weekend my little sister went to a rodeo in Houston.  She lives in San Diego.  She flew into Houston for a rodeo.  AWhoa.  Nice hair, Sandy. friggin’ rodeo!!  I don’t even go to the rodeo when they have it here!  My brother-in-law is a cowboy.  No joke.  Well, it’s more of a side job now I guess because he is also a Medic in Iraq.  But the influence he has had on my sister is unbelieveable!  She is now all about country.  I remember when she used to like Depeche Mode and The Cure.  No, wait.  That’s the other sister.  This one used to like Olivia Newton-John. 

I know people have different tastes.  But what is the big appeal about the rodeo?  I went once and all I can remember is that it smelled bad.  Shania Twain was there and she did help distract me.  But let’s face it, she’s not going to be there every time.

Anyway, my parents met up with my sister in Houston to give her a laptop I had for her.  She is in grad school and needs it to do whatever it is grad students do.  I hope she gets some good use out of it, ends up getting her masters, which will lead to a PhD, which will lead to lots of money, which will lead to really cool gifts on my birthday. 

I just pray it doesn’t lead to her doing some online shopping for saddles and rocky roads.  Or rocky mountains.  Or whatever they call those cowgirl jeans. 

-Dave Q.

So this ad came out depicting Hillary as some kind of “Big Brother”. It is WAY too early for mud-slinging. It’s not even 2008 yet. But here we go already.

So the ad itself is kind of creepy. And I’m not talking about those human drones. I’m talking about Hillary. She gives me chills. The bad kind.

So if voting “different” means not voting for Hillary Clinton, then I guess I’m voting different. I just hope there are still some candidates out there that haven’t thrown their hats in the ring. Because as of right now, I’m voting different. As in I’ll be voting for my co-worker’s Big Mac. And his fries for VP. That’s different.

Dude didn’t even offer to pick up anything for me. Bastard.

-Dave Q.

I guess I shouldn’t have been talking so much smack about Duke, because my team got punked today.  Notre Dame lost to 11th seeded Wintrhop.  Yeah, I don’t know who Winthrop is either.  But the beat the Irish by 10 points.

Karma.  That’s it.  Karma came back and bit me in the ass for the Duke post.  But I won’t complain.  It was worth it! 

-Dave Q.

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