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I’ll be honest.  I didn’t listen to the big speech last night.  I had more important things going on (Spurs-Mavericks game).  But I figure this is pretty much what Obama said:  Things are pretty bad.  Things will get worse before they get better.  This is not my fault.  Vote for me in 2012.

The doom and gloom will be around for a while.  Hopefully we come out of it sooner rather than later, but we should be prepared for the worst.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a good sense of humor!  How, you may ask?  Send all your friends that voted for Obama some ’stimulus’.  You can check out this website.  Pun intended.  :)

-Dave Q.

Well, I’m going with what people voted for that I give up for Lent.  AS LONG AS I CAN.  I’m a pretty clean cut dude, so this won’t be easy.  But I will be adding a few other challenges to the list to fall back on, because I’m realistic about this haircut/shaving thing.  Anyway, here is my list for Lent 2009.  Gonna be a good Catholic…

  • No haircuts or shaving.  This is what was voted on.  I will do my best, but I wouldn’t bet on me.
  • No eating out.  I may actually starve to death.  This will force me into learning how to cook.
  • No sarcasm.  I will break this one within the hour.
  • No red meat.  I’ve done this a couple of times and it has gotten more difficult.  But it has lowered my cholesterol.
  • No sweet tea.  Oh the humanity!!!
  • Fasting after sundown.  Hakeem Olajuwon did this one year.  I figure if a world class athlete is capable, why not me?

I look at this list and see that most of the stuff that people sacrifice, including myself, have to do with eating.  I bet they don’t do that in other parts of the world.  Only in America.  But, hey, what can you do?

So it begins today.  Wish me luck.  Say a little prayer for me.  And if I start looking pretty scruffy, don’t call the cops claiming you saw a terrorist.  Wait.  Was that politically incorrect?  Maybe I will give that up next year.

-Dave Q.

I just have one question for you, Olga.  Does the word “splat” mean anything to you?

I’m glad there was visual evidence of this, because I had a hard time believing my little sister would do this.  Wow.  Gotta give you props, Olga.  I’m glad you made it down in one piece.

Surprisingly, skydiving is actually on my to-do list.  Right between finding a cure for hickups and testing a beef-flavored sunscreen in shark infested waters.

-Dave Q.

So I broke down and got an iPhone.  It arrived yesterday and I’ve spent a decent amount of time since then trying to figure it all out.  I have to say that I am damn impressed with it.  I’ve always played with them at the AT&T store, but obviously you’re limited with what you can do when you’re checking out a display.

Bottom line is, it’s pretty freakin’ cool.  But you all know that.  Because I’m probably the last one to get one.  I’m always a couple years behind.

-Dave Q.

Ummmm.  Wow.  This is completely insane.  I wish I knew what she was babbling about.  Subtitles would have come in handy.  Then again, maybe I don’t want to know.

They don’t get that much crazier than this.  How bad is China that a grown woman throws a tantrum like this?  It can’t be that bad.  Oh, wait.  I forgot about that whole communist thing.  Yeah…

-Dave Q.

So I’m hoping that Obama’s stimulus bill does what it’s supposed to do.  The country is hurting and we need this to work.  But what concerns me is our national debt.  It is reaching numbers that are hard to comprehend.  I mean, over 10 trillion?  That’s a lot of dough.

Change I can believe in.

I have an idea for paying that off.  Or at least to try and make a dent into it.  With all the money that Obama raised for his campaign, why not do that again?  I think he should just go on tv, tell the American people what website to visit to donate, and then let her rip!  The guy can be very persuading.  If he can convince the American people to pony up some cash, then we can start reducing this debt in no time.  And with his popularity all over the world, don’t be surprised when we see some Euros or Yen in the mix bag of donations.  Bottom line is, with some enthusiasm and the twinkle of Obama’s smile, we could get this done in a few months.

I think it would be worth a shot.  However, I won’t be contributing.  I mean, come on.  It was my idea.  :)

-Dave Q.

If I had voted for Barack Obama, I would want to punch this guy in the mouth.  Makes all Obama supporters look… well… I would just be really pissed at this guy.

I’m not sure how the Secret Service could let this guy be in the same building with Barack Obama.  Did someone drop the ball here?  What a retard.

I bet the McDonald’s people are pissed.  That goes for normal people that work there and the owners of the company.  Way to represent, Julio!

-Dave Q.

Shocked? Are you really? Me neither. I guess he wasn’t ever that good.

My hope is that with America facing tough economic times, that of all the professional sports leagues out there, I hope baseball feels the biggest pinch. Nothing but overpaid cheaters in the game. They can all suck it. Suck it, A-Rod! Suck it Barry Bonds! Suck it, Roger Clemens! Can you tell I’m bitter?

The day I have kids, I hope there will be a sport that has players they can look up to. So far with the MLB and NFL no doubt having steroid users, and the NBA with their rapists (led by Kobe Bryant), I’m hoping they will get into tennis.

Should have known someone who slaps while running to first base wouldn’t be man enough to play the game right.

-Dave Q.

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