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While in Dallas this weekend, I got to catch the Cowboys-Redskins game.  I know that this is the last year for the Cowgirls Cowboys at Texas Stadium.  All I can say is, it’s about time.  That place is a dump.  Compared to Reliant stadium in Houston, Texas Stadium is ridiculously outdated. So maybe a future Dallas home game will be more impressive.

I know that Jerry Jones and the media love to tout the Cowboys as America’s team.  While most of America would dispute that, I do know of one country that is all theirs.  That would be our neighbor in the south, Mexico.  I saw a ton of Spanish signs like “Viva los Cowboys”, and “Cowboys Numero Uno!”.  Now just because a hispanic person is wearing a Cowboys jersey doesn’t mean they are Mexican, but I’m going to base this theory on geography.  I wish I had taken a pic of the guy wearing a Cowboys jersey that said, “Vaqueros”.

Anyway, it’s no secret that I’m no Cowboys fan.  I just can’t force myself to root for a team with such great role models like Terrell Owens, Pac-Man Jones, Tank Johnson, etc.  So when the group I was with (all Cowboys fans) decided to put a pot together for guessing the final score, I was the only one that picked the Redskins.  So not only did I enjoy seeing the Cowboys lose, I got $50 out of it.  You know what I call that?  A good weekend. :)

By the way, my final score prediction was Redskins 27, Cowboys 24.  I was off by one point.

-Dave Q.

Talk about freaky. This is pretty much what it would look like if that whole chicken you bought from the supermarket decided to come out of your freezer and scare the living $%@! out of you.

The story I heard was that the bird has some kind of condition where it plucks it’s own feathers out. Kind of like an obsessive compulsive disorder. Weird. Nevertheless, this thing needs to be caged up and only taken out during Halloween. That is, if you need a dead parrot to go with your dead pirate costume.

-Dave Q.

I am being hunted.

For the last 3 nights, I have been terrorized.  Every morning when I get, I am finding a new mosquito bite.  I know it’s a flippin’ mosquito because I’ve seen it buzzing around.  But when I try to kill it, I lose sight of it.  She’s a smart one, she is.

I Googled the lifespan of a mosquito.  This thing apparently can live up to 100 days.  All it needs is a stable foodsource, and well, that’s me.  I’ve tried to go Elmer Fudd on it, but no luck.  It’s hiding well.  I feel like it’s studying my every move.  And it definitely know the layout of the house by now.  I have to face facts:  I need to outsmart it.  Damn.

I called my Mom and she told me to put out a dish with water and dishsoap.  I’m not sure what this is going to do.  Do they drink it and die?  Bathe?  I don’t know.

Anyway, I just need my roommate to come back from his out of town trip.  Once he’s back, hopefully the mosquito will turn on him.  And I have no doubt that he won’t rest until he kills it.  I, on the other hand, am ready to hit the sack.   So, hopefully the mosquito doesn’t feel like snacking tonight.

but if you’re keepiing score, Mosquito 4, Dave Q. 0.  But if I kill it tonight, it will be worth 5 points. :)

-Dave Q.

Clay Aiken finally came out of the closet today.  Let me see.  How can I put my reaction to this dramatic revelation into words.  I’m going to give it a try here, so bare with me.  Here goes:  DUH!

I don’t like Clay Aiken.  It’s not because he’s gay.  It’s because he sucks. Just thought I would clarify.

-Dave Q.

I know earlier this week some jackass hacked into Sarah Palin’s personal email.  I hope it was worth the jail time, buddy.  Anyway, looks like the same thing now happened to Obama.  Damn these ever-so-clever hackers.  Click on the image to enlarge.

I love the email exchange between Obama and Cheney.  Looks legit to me.  :)

-Dave Q.

Well, I don’t know about you guys, but after dealing with Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, I feel like we are in the need for something positive out of the weather report.  Well, this should do the trick.  :)

Do you ever watch the Spanish network Univision? Or Telemundo, maybe?  Me neither. But I might start if only to find out what the weather is going to be for the next day. Although you can only take what they say with a grain if salt. Turns out this girl, Jackie Guerrido, was hired on to do the weather at a time when she didn’t know jack about doing the weather.

Big deal. She was hired because she’s hot. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  Experience is overrated anyway.  Just look at Obama and Palin.

Plus, most meteorologists get the weather wrong. Except for my buddy, Paul. Not you, Paul. You know what you’re doing when it comes to the weather (not so much fantasy football). But the rest of those guys suck. If I’m going to watch the weather and get bad intel, I’m at least going to get it from the hot chick.  Hmmm, old dopey weather guy or young caliente latina???  “Caliente” means “hot”, I think.

-Dave Q.

So I’ve played another support role in the evacuation of another hurricane.  This time, Ike was the culprit.  I’ve been doing a lot of driving the last couple of days going between shelters for the purpose of tracking the evacuees with the RFID wristbands.  One of those places was in New Braunfels, a town about 20 miles north of San Antonio.  It was there where a one good story came out from all the negative ones.

I spent time in that shelter.  And I remember when I got there I was somewhat shocked (and confused) about all the Asian people there.  As it turns out, this shelter was housing people that evacuated from Port Lavaca, which has a big Asian presence.  And therefore we didn’t evacuate Taiwan by mistake, which is what I initially thought. :)

Anyway, I thought that would be a cool story to share.  And I’m hoping the aftermath of Ike to the Texas coast is one that doesn’t prove to be as bad as the government expected.  After seeing how it is for people to stay in the shelters, you can’t help but feel for them.  A FEMA cot is no substitute for your own bed.  The things we take for granted…

Here are some various pics from the Hurricane Ike event.  And also a video of Horbi inhaling some bus exhaust.

Horbi taking bus fumes to the face easily makes this video my favorite part of this post. :)

-Dave Q.

Seven years ago today was the infamous September 11th attacks.  Where 19 cowardly savages killed nearly three thousand Americans and people from other nationalities, all in the name of hate.  I take comfort in knowing right now they are burning in hell with the likes of Adolph Hitler and Jeffrey Dahmer, but it still makes me cringe to think about that day and all the chaos that ensued.  Life has never been the same.  Our country was changed forever.

To this day I still remember, as I’m sure all of you do, where I was that sad day.  But I more so remember what happened that night.  And this is something I have never shared with anyone, period.  I don’t remember exactly where I was driving to, but I remember going somewhere and listening intently to the news in my Jeep.  And of course all they were talking about was the carnage, the destruction, and who had a hand in it, etc.  And so the news station was taking calls from eyewitnesses, when a young girl called in.  If I had to guess, she was fourteen or fifteen.  And listening to the way she spoke about what she had seen and all the chaos that was going on, I started crying.  And let me be clear about something.  I never cry.  And when I say cry, I mean I was balling like a little girl.  I couldn’t stop.  I had the lump in my throat and everything.  And for those that don’t know me, I take pride in not wearing my emotions on my sleeve.  But that day was too much for me.  Easily one of the crappiest days of my life.

Anyway, I thought I would share that.  Maybe it will be therapeutic to do so.  How about you guys?  Where were you when all that went down?  And did it strike an emotional chord that you didn’t know existed like it did me?

It amazes me how united this country was seven short years ago and how divided we are today.  How in the hell did we get here??  Anyway, enough of all this sappy talk.  On to more pressing things.  I wonder what I’m going to eat for lunch today?  Hmmmm…  :)

But on one last serious note.  Let’s be nicer to each other.  I’ll try harder if you will…

-Dave Q.

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