You ever have such a lousy weekend that you can’t wait to get back to work? No, you haven’t? Liar.

I’m glad it’s Monday. The weekend couldn’t have ended earlier for me. It was cursed from the get go. Starting with getting out of work late on Friday. I’m all for working late to accomplish more when there are less interruptions, but on a Friday? That’s where I draw the line. And then Saturday got kicked off with me going to get a haircut. I go to a place called SportsClips, where they cater to the sports fan by have the TVs tuned to whatever big game(s) are being broadcast. Well, the dame that cut my hair must have been really into the Colorado – Texas Tech game because she cut my hair way too damn short. I’m trying to water it to encourage it to grow. So that put me in a lousy mood the rest of the day.

Then yesterday I had to be at a family gathering. At 5pm. On a Sunday. In October. What does that mean? It means I am missing out on football AND the World Series. Man, that was just cruel and unusual. Not the way I want to end a weekend.

So I’m back at work. And I’m happy about it. I don’t have to explain to anyone how messed up that is. So I’m REALLY looking forward to next weekend. When I can do whatever I want. And I think I will specifically make it a point to do WHATEVER I want. I can’t really think of anything I want to do right now. But ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is sounding pretty good right now.

-Dave Q.

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