Good God do I hate Christmas shopping.  Hate it!  It ranks up with there with being stuck in a traffic jam.  Or washing my dogs.  I will, however, admit that this year it hasn’t been as bad.  Why?  Because I know what I’m looking for.  That makes a tremendous difference!  Most years I beg for friends and loved ones to give me a clue as to what they would like or need for Christmas.  And most years they don’t tell me squat.  And that leads to me going to the malls, wandering aimlessly, hunting for parking spaces, dealing with other frustrated people, etc.  It just blows.

But this year I decided to take a different approach.  I decided to pay attention.  Who the heck knew this would be such an effective strategy?!?  The results are that I have all the major gifts either already taken care of or just waiting to go get them.  But knowing what you have to buy is just so stress free!  Not only that, but the gifts I got are just ridiculously good.  I have to brag. :)

Anyway, I still hate Christmas shopping.  I just hate it a little less this year.

-Dave Q.

9 Responses to “Christmas Shopping”

  • I start early and usually do most of the shopping online. I can’t deal with crowds, especially now that I work in retail. Too much. Did you get anything good?

  • I’m glad to hear that I left you enough hints this year.

  • @dimplz, I did fond some good stuff. I just can’t say what they are yet. ;)

    @Transplant, Yes. The hints were hard to ignore. What do you need a torque wrench for anyway?

  • Babs:


    give me some ideas, because I have NONE

  • Kim:

    I’m one of those insane people who do their shopping on Black Friday. :-) It’s a tradition in my defense. Though I will usually map out everything I need and from where, so it isn’t that bad.

  • Mike:

    I’ve always hated Christmas shopping as well. This year, though, I was able to get all of my shopping done (for everyone) in the span of about four hours. I made sure I had a list of everything I was going to get and from where. I had to look around a little for my parents, since they always tell me they don’t want anything, but I think I did alright. Glad you got yours done too.

  • Kari: has $25 gift cards for $10 each.

  • Jenn:

    Christmas shopping is the worst…and I’m a girl! I’m happy to report that I finished everything last night!!!

  • supersalwa:

    Good for you! I think it can be fun if you a) know what you’re shopping for, and b) go EARLY! Bonus if you came up with the ideas yourself…surprises are always fun!

    The best is when I’m out, see something that makes me go, “Oh, person X would love this,” and pick it up right there and then. If only I could keep track of the stuff after that…

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