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So I’m in New Orleans for my buddy Chase’s wedding. Here’s the odd thing about this, Chase is already married. You see, Chase’s wife Yvette is from New Orleans, and their plan was to get married here 2 years ago, but due to a major event, they had to postpone the ceremony and get married by a judge. If you do the math, I’m sure you can figure out what devastating natural disaster hit this city 2 years ago.

I have seen certain areas that are still in the rebuilding process. But the French Quarter and Bourbon Street look just as unsanitary as they did when I was here 3 years ago. So I guess things are progressing nicely. The gambling at Harrah’s seems to be just fine. At least they haven’t forgotten how to take my money.

I did have a bit of bad luck. When I arrived to my hotel they told me that they moved me because they had a sprinkler malfunction and about 30 rooms got flooded. Nice. So I’m in a different hotel than I expected. And I’m not happy about it. At least they have free wireless.

Anyway, I’m heading out. I’m going to get a bite to eat and to meet up for the rehearsal. And then the rehearsal dinner. And then I have to get Chase plastered. We all have our burdens.

-Dave Q.

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