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It’s June.  And so far it’s been an okay year for me.  Nothing to complain about, but nothing to go crazy for, yet.  Just an “OK” year.  But if I compare my year to the year my little sister is having, then it becomes significantly less impressive.  My little sister is on a roll!  Allow me to elaborate…

For the last couple of years, my little sister, Olga, has been working hard to finishing her degree.  Well, late last month she received her masters degree in some field that I feel sould be kept quiet since it sounds like she will be working for the feds in the near future.  Nice!  But before that happened, Olga and her husband Neal moved to North Carolina, and recently bought their first house.  Again, nice…

As if that wasn’t enough, the week before her graduation, Olga announces to my family that she is pregnant!  Outstanding!  And to close out the month of May, my brother-in-law Neal, who is in the military, gets promoted.  Damn!  For God’s sake, buy a lottery ticket!!

Come to think of it, all that happened in the last 60 days.  Jeez.  I think 2010 is going to continue to be a great year for them.  If anyone deserves good things to come her way, it’s my little sister.  And I know if she decides to buy a winning lottery ticket that she will forget all those times I terrorized her when we were kids.  Right, Olga?….  Right? … (crickets)…

-Dave Q.

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  • The tired and thirsty prospector threw himself down at the edge of the watering hole and started to drink. But then he looked around and saw skulls and bones everywhere. "Uh-oh," he thought, "this watering hole is reserved for skeletons."