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A couple of months back, I tried out Apple’s MobileMe service.  Basically, it’s supposed to provide a way to synchronize all your email, contacts, calendar, etc. online so you only have to worry about updating these things in one place.  Sounds pretty good, right?  Well, MobileMe can go to hell.  I say that because one day it decided to delete all my contacts, leaving me to try and piece back together all the numbers to friends, family and co-workers.  My assessment is that MobileMe sucks.  Can you believe Apple charges $99 for this crappy service?  Wait a sec, you’re telling me that Apple charges $99 a year for it?!?!  $99 a year for MobileMe service that trashed my contact info?!?!?  This is where I give MobileMe the finger.

Anyway, for the most part, I am back on track.  Every now and then I will get a call or text that I have no idea who it is, since only the number is showing.  Usually the voicemail they leave solves that mystery, but trying to figure out who is texting you can be more of a challenge.  And I’ve come to realize some people are sensitive to the text reply of “Who’s this?”.  But after a brief explanation, they calm down and everything is fine.  A friend of mine told me about Google Contacts, which does everything I hoped MobileMe would do.  It synchronizes your contacts to your phone, and has worked perfectly since I implemented it.

So Google Contacts works like a charm.  And now I want to add more details to my contacts.  I’ve always been pretty bad about keeping track of friends’ addresses, birthdays, etc.  But with as well as Google Contacts is working, I’ve decided to go all out.  I want to have as much info as possible about the people in my contacts list.  Birthplace, favorite color, allergies, you name it!  I kind of want it to come across as a list of dossiers that maybe James Bond might be handed after a meeting with M.  I think that would be kind of slick.  So let’s see how this turns out.  Hopefully I don’t get too carried away with this.  Don’t want a situation of TMI.

-Dave Q.

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