So I’m off to Vegas today. I will be there for the next 10 days. Not just for fun and games either. There will be work involved. Counting cards is work, right?

Vegas baby!

You know what sucks about this trip? Not much, really. But I can only take so much of Las Vegas. Small doses of it is nice, as in the 2-3 day variety. But 10 days? Wow. You try it. I did it for 1o days a year ago and the lights and sounds of Vegas were nauseating by day 5. Hearing the slot machines go off would give me an instant headache. So trust me when I say I will want to get back as soon as possible.

At least I will be there for the beginning of the basketball playoffs. And now that baseball is in full swing (pun intended), I’ll be placing a couple of bets on the Spurs and Braves. Daddy needs a new pair of Oakleys!

I don’t know how much posting I’ll be able to do while I’m out in the desert. But I’ll do my best to post any interesting happenings.

-Dave Q.

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    Hey brother…remember I’m 4 hours from vegas. Unfortunately I won’t be here this weekend, but still. :)

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