My little sister has been giving me periodic updates on this movie being made for almost a year now.  I’m starting to think she works for Entertainment Tonight or something.  Anyway…

So here is the first look of the remake of next summer’s movie depicting the most awesome action TV show of my childhood, The A-Team.  It looks like it has potential.  Liam Neeson looks freakishly similar to the late George Peppard, who was the original Col. Hannibal Smith.  And Bradley Cooper as Faceman seems to be a winner.  Not too sure about the other guys.  I gotta be honest, I really don’t know much about either one.  The guy playing B.A. Baracus is some retired UFC fighter and the actor playing Murdock was in that movie District 9.  All I can say is that they better not screw this one up!  My childhood can’t take too much more in regards to garbage movies after the Transformers and G.I. Joe crap.

If you ever watched The A-Team back in the day, then you probably remember the back story that they were being hunted down by the government and there was always an Army Colonel in charge of tracking them down (Lynch, Decker).  Well, in this flick coming out next year, the Army Colonel chasing The A-Team around is going to be played by Jessica Biel.  WTF?  Come on.  Who’s going to be trying to get away from Jessica Biel?!?  This might be too unrealistic to watch.

-Dave Q.

3 Responses to “I love it when a plan comes together.”

  • How did she get that role? Blech!

  • Mike:

    Heh… wow. I never watched the A-Team when I was younger, but this should be interesting to watch… if anything else, just to see Jessical Biel.

  • Olga:

    Ok…the more logical response is that it’s too unrealistic to have someone her age play a Colonel! C’mon…really? I was SO looking forward to this movie, and if that is her role, then I will be disappointed.

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