Alright boys and girls. I just got off the phone with my good friend, Nick. He has just announced that he will be hosting a poker tournament! And judging from the amount of people he is expecting, this is going to be huge! Actually, I can’t really say, since I know nothing about poker tournaments, let alone poker. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy inviting 5 good friends over to play cards, talk trash to them, have a few beers, and maybe even win a hand. But by no means do I know what I’m doing.


Uh… who shuffled the cards?

Then again, maybe I’m stating all this in the hopes that my buddies, and anyone else that may be playing poker that night, think that I am a horrible poker player. When in reality, I might be the second coming of Brett Maverick! This could all be a smokescreen. You know, smoke and mirrors? But truth be told, I suck. But, another truth be told, I’m awesome at poker. Or am I? Confused yet? I would bet that you are. And then I would raise that bet. Wham!

Still thinking about the dogs…

As of now, Nick hasn’t told me when he’s going to have his tournament. He’s just told me that it will happen soon. So if you don’t ever hear me mention it again, then it probably means I lost… badly. And if that happens, so what? Some of the best times I have are playing poker with friends. I’ll take that over going to a smoke filled, crowded club anytime. But then my friends become my enemies after I take their money and embarrass them with my ninja like poker skills… :)


-Dave Q.

***UPDATE!*** Looks like we will have a poker night this Saturday! I get paid tomorrow so maybe I can last longer than usual. I’m talking about cards, folks.

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