My shoulder hurts.  It’s been hurting me consistently now for over a month.  I know I hurt it playing softball.  And I have yet to go see a doctor about it.  I’m a friggin’ idiot.  I know.

I hate going to the doctor.  I know it’s a good thing to do, but there is just something about the visit that is, shall we say, less than pleasant.  And I’m not going to lie, my biggest reason for not going to the doctor yet is pure laziness.  I tried to make an appointment today, but I got distracted.  I was trying to look up my doctor’s phone number on the internet, and then the rest of the internet got in the way.  :)

So, back to me being an idiot.  I have a softball game tomorrow night.  And I plan on playing, pain and all.  So I promise not to complain about the shoulder anymore.  Hopefully it will heal after the season ends.  There are only 3 games left and we’re in first place, and I really want the high quality t-shirt we get if we win it all.

-Dave Q.

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