I missed work today in order to get some rest.  I’ve been bitten by the flu bug, or at least I think I have the flu.  I can’t bring myself to go to the doctor when all they are going to do is tell me to get some over the counter medication, drink lots of fluid, and get some rest.  Come to think of it, I can’t have the flu.  I am feeling much better and I can’t imaging recovering that fast from the flu.  So I guess I just had a cold.  By Friday I should be totally over it.

But since I slept so much today, I can’t sleep now.   And that sucks because I have to be at work early.  So, what now?  I guess I’ll watch some TV.  Maybe something interesting happened around the world while I was snoozing.

-Dave Q.

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Today's Deep Thought

  • Sometimes, when I drive across the desert in the middle of the night, with no other cars around, I start imagining: what if there were no civilization out there? No cities, no factories, no people? And then I think: no people or factories? Then who made this car? And this highway? And I get so confused I have to stick my head out the window into the driving rain---unless there's lightning, because I could get struck on the head by a bolt.