I am into politics in the sense that I want to know what’s going on. I am no doubt liberal in some areas, but for the most part conservative. So with that in mind, I have taken every opportunity to watch the presidential debates and the coverage of the primaries. So far, I have been tuning in to CNN to get this coverage. Why? Simple: It’s the only major news network I get that streams in HD. So with that in mind, tonight’s debate made it “clearer” that I do not want Hillary Clinton to be president. HD is not kind to her. Not in the least bit. If the goal is to frighten our enemies into submission, then we can just use a close-up of Hillary from tonight’s debate as kind of a warning signal whenever terrorists start spewing American hate. Other than that, she is pretty much useless. But as scary as seeing Hillary in HD was, it makes me think that CNN might have some secret agreement with her campaign. How else could they explain this…

This is Candy Crowley, a political correspondent on CNN. And let me say I have never been so offended by the outrageous misuse of a hot girl’s name on such a non-hot being. Yikes. I almost feel like CNN deliberately put this “woman” on the air to make Hillary less hideous. Almost worked, too. Not cool, CNN. You’d think that Anderson Cooper would alert the audience by saying something along the lines of “not appropriate for children” or “graphic nature” before showing her on screen. Here’s some free advice for CNN: If you’re going to be in HD, less Big Girl, more Soledad O’Brien. Makes me anxious to see these faces whenever Fox News goes HD in my area.

Sometimes technology has a funny way of rearing it’s ugly head. It’s very ugly, nightmare inducing head. Sweet dreams.

-Dave Q.

Quick side note: The debate was pretty good. Very entertaining attacks on each other. I they may have talked about an issue or two.

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