God bless my parents.  They have been going over to my house during the week while I am at work and going crazy with all the bathroom remodeling.  If they weren’t involved in this, I would probably be paying a contractor thousands of dollars that I’d rather spend on something else.  Needless to say, I am going to take them to a very nice dinner when we are done.  A nice steak for my Dad, and since my Mom doesn’t eat meat, a nice, thick, juicy salad for her. Anyway, things are coming along pretty good.  The master bathroom is 95% done now.  The second bathroom is, I would say, about 65% done now.  Hopefully they can both be done in about a week.  That will be a huge accomplishment, since the bathrooms are definitely the most difficult part of this project.  It would be nice to get that part out of the way.

So I’ve noticed Max and Murphy aren’t happy.  Anyone that has been to my house knows that I have a decent size deck in my backyard.  Usually the dogs hang out on the deck, lounging around during the day and barking at the moon at night.  But since we started this home remodeling project, we set up the wet saw on the deck and have other various tools are scattered about there.  Well, Max and Murph haven’t cared too much for that.  They’ve abandoned hanging out on the deck and now hang out next to the tool shed.  Whenever I look over there, I see them both giving me the glare.  Believe it or not, I can feel the glare.  Kind of creepy.  Hang on, boys. We’re going through the home stretch!  You can reclaim the deck soon. :)

-Dave Q.

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  • Do you know what happens when you slice a golf ball in half? Someone gets mad at you. I found this out the hard way.