I’m just curious how all of you out there are feeling about this.  Is it really as bad as they are making it out to be?   I’ve read the headlines.  Heard the chatter.  And seen it all over the news.  But in the end, the goverment is telling us to just wash our hands.  That doesn’t sound so bad, right?

They have shut down some schools in San Antonio out of fear of this thing spreading.  I hope they are making a bigger deal about it than it really is.  So far my life hasn’t ben impacted by any of this.  How about you guys?

-Dave Q.

6 Responses to “Are you concerned over the swine flu?”

  • I wash my hands a lot so my life hasn’t been affected. However, last night during my cardio class my hand grazed the guy next to me and he was so sweaty and I immediately thought, “GERMS!!” I washed hands up to my arms when I got out.

  • Well, you’ve read my blog. In all seriousness, I’m not sure how worked up I really am… I definitely have no desire to go the gym and be around germy exercise equipment…but that could also have to do with my being lazy these days, too. ;)

  • Mami:

    Of course I am worry because I hate to get sick; that’s why I got the flu shot every year, and wash my hands with as long you can sing “happy birthday to you…” and when I cough I used my elbow now. Now tell me, if our countr is in that great danger, why our goverment refuse to close the border with Mexico!. To me they exagerad this issues to make the president look good; remember, the MEDIA is very liberal. Don’t forget that the MEDIA was the one that blame president Bush for a natural disaster called Katrina! Avoid to be around in large group of people. Take lemon with honey, drink water and have a cough drops as soon you feel like coughing. You will see that in a couple of weeks the president go live on tv and say: “As I promised, everything is under control …” and of course the bunch of ignorants will believed and say: “oh my gosh, he’s the best president we ever had…” but way, we have 240 days ahead. ?

  • I agree with Mami. I think the media is blowing it all out of proportion to get our minds off the economy and the sub par job the president is doing.

    It’s getting to be a little absurd.

  • Mike:

    I think it’s a lot of nothing. People get sick. It happens. Apparently this stuff can’t kill you; it’s your typical flu. Not sure what the big deal is.

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