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Now it’s starting to feel like the holidays. Nothing against Halloween, but Thanksgiving? Now we’re talking! Halloween is just a mild little warm up. It’s fun, but it doesn’t quite get me in the holiday spirit like Thanksgiving.

A time for giving thanks. A time for spending with family. A time to eat too much. And a time to get as much sleep as possible because you are probably going to find a deal advertised in the paper that you can’t resist. Hmmmm. Maybe Black Friday should be just as big as Thanksgiving these days. So if I am to worn out from fighting with fellow shoppers tomorrow to blog about it, then let me tell you now, Happy Black Friday. And may you get everything you want on your shopping list. Unless there is only one left and it’s down to you and me. In which case, I wish you a merry raincheck.

-Dave Q.

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Today's Deep Thought

  • If someone told me it wasn't "fashionable" to talk about freedom, I think I'd just have to look him square in the eye and say, "Okay, YOU TELL ME what's "fashionable." But he won't. And you know why? Because you can't ask someone what's fashionable in a smart-alecky way like that. You have to be friendly and say, "By the way, what's fashionable?"