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If this is real, I am impressed.  But I have a hard time believing that an Aggie is capable of such coolness.  Then again, an Aggie wouldn’t be clever enough to have faked this, right?  In conclusion…  Go Aggies?

-Dave Q. has a ton of cool, super slow motion videos.  From guns being fired, to explosions, to boxers connecting on punches. All really cool to see.  But they also have a section for water balloons, and the slow motion video of what happens when the balloon is popped.  All amazing videos.  But for whatever reason, I see this water balloon video as the greatest ever.  I’m sure you will agree.

What’s strange is after about the 8th or 9th time you view it, you don’t even see the water balloon anymore.  Odd.

-Dave Q.

I just heard that the Miss USA pageant was this past Sunday. That’s cool. I had no interest in it. That is, until I saw all this! Yowza!

Apparently someone had the truly awesome idea to make the 50+ participants of Miss USA sexy with this photo shoot. The theme here is “Waking up in Vegas”. Always a good place to wake up at. I don’t recall a beauty pageant ever achieving this level of sexy… ever! And wait until you see the pics! Especially Miss Virginia and Miss Wisconsin. Damn! I know a few people who will be getting new desktop wallpaper because of this. Anyway, the sad thing is of course that women all over the world are going to start pulling the sexism card… again. Also sad, they probably weren’t actually be dressed like this for the actual pageant. Oh well.

Despite all that, I applaud you, whoever it is that runs Miss USA (Trump?). Your move, Miss Universe.

-Dave Q.

Here’s a new twist on those boring flight safety videos.  Yeah, it will get your attention, but not for too long. Once you realize that the females in body paint aren’t exactly “body paint” worthy, (not to mention that no one wants to see dudes with no clothes on), then you would probably go back to reading your book, or sleeping, or praying, or whatever pre-flight ritual you’ve claimed as your own.  Mine is the praying one.

Now if they had this Delta chick in body paint, that’s a different story.  Hell, I might take a flight just to watch the video.  I love the way she wags her finger at you.  Like she’s scolding you for having naughty thoughts.  Don’t judge me.  I know I wasn’t the only one.

-Dave Q.

Let’s see.  You’re stranded 10 hours over night at Pittsburgh International airport.  You’re pretty much alone there.  And you have a video camera.  What do you do?  You kill time.  And you get it all on tape!  Hey, it fights the boredom, right?


With all the traveling I have on tap over the next month, I can easily see myself being put in a similar situation.  Would I do some of this stuff?  Probably. Would I take video of it?  Don’t think so.  In fact I would avoid video all together.  Other than of course the video from the security cameras that would probably get me on some kind of “no fly” list.  :(

-Dave Q.


My Dad sent this video to me and other family members this week.  He is a teacher at Central Catholic high school in San Antonio.  The video features students and faculty of Central Catholic addressing Saints owner Tom Benson with the “Who Dat” New Orleans Saints battle cry.  The video is somewhat cheesy, to say the least.  I do, however, love the final score prediction on the scoreboard at the end of the video.

So I figured the reason my Dad sent it out to us was because he was in it somewhere.  But after watching it, he is nowhere to be found.  Also, why would a San Antonio high school be reaching out to Tom Benson? Is it because of Catholic Saints?  What’s the connection?  This was my father’s response to these questions…

Tom Benson, the owner of car dealerships in town, owns the New Orleans Saints and he graduated from Central back in the ’60s.  Last year he gave $3 million to the school and the stadium carries his name.  His son graduated from Central back in the ’80s and died as a young man and he gifted the school in his son’s memory.  I am not in it because I avoid exposing my mug in front of too many women.  I don’t want to hire body guards.

I love that man.  He is my hero.  GO SAINTS!

-Dave Q.

I’ve received some very nice wedding announcements over the years.  All have been in either sent through the mail or in email form.  But check this one out.  I’m not sure what this says about Jeff and Erin.  Are they super creative?  Or do they simply have too much money and time on their hands?  You be the judge.

On another note, how about that height difference, huh?  Wow.  I know a lot of girls that would not be cool with that.

-Dave Q.

EMBED-Girlfriend Scared by Fake Head in Bed – Watch more free videos

Nothing like a good prank around Halloween.  Here’s hoping you get into the spirit of things!

Be careful out there this weekend.  ;)

-Dave Q.

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