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Just wanted to make note of the date.  8 years ago was the most shocking day of my life, so I can imagine how hard it hit those who witnessed it or lost loved ones on that day.

I know the country is going through some tough times right now.  But I believe the American spirit will prevail.  And if there was ever a perfect example of American spirit is when the passengers of Flight 93 rose up against the hijackers on that flight.  Both a sad and proud moment in American history.  We need some of that American spirit these days.  God bless them.  And God bless everyone was lost on that day.

On a lighter note, I bet the temperature is rather warm wherever those hijackers ended up.  And by wherever, I mean hell.

-Dave Q.

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  • I scrambled to the top of the precipice where Nick was waiting. "That was fun," I said. "You bet it was," said Nick. "Let's climb higher." "No," I said. "I think we should be heading back now." "We have time," Nick insisted. I said we didn't, and Nick said we did. We argued back and forth like that for about 20 minutes, and then finally decided to head back. I didn't say it was an interesting story.