You know what was a great invention?  The bikini.  That was a great invention.  Hard to imagine anything topping that.  But someone did.  With another bikini.  Except that this one dissolves in water.  That is just awesome.  :)

They kind of sell it as the ultimate revenge gift.  When a girl dumps a guy, the guy gets back at her with this.  But what girl is going to accept a gift from an ex-boyfriend?  Nevermind.  I just realized how ridiculous that question is.  Anyway, the video evidence is below.

I’m amazed no one thought of this a long time ago.  It just makes sense.  I wonder if they sell them in bulk.  :)

-Dave Q.

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  • My parents used to abandon me a lot as a child. In the morning, they'd take me to my school and then abandon me there, until school got out. Then at night, after they tucked me in bed, they'd abandon me and go to sleep in their own bedroom. Sometimes they'd let me sleep with them in their room, but if I started playing my guitar they'd take me back to my bedroom and abandon me again. Once, they abandoned me for a whole week, at my grandparents' house.