So last week a few of us were discussing lunch, when our friend Matt starts yapping about going to a burger joint named Chunky’s. The crazy guy from Man VS Food went there and took on the 4 Horsemen Challenge, which consists of eating a very spicy burger in 25 minutes or less and not drinking anything the whole time. Or something like that. So basically, Matt saw this episode and wanted to try the burger.  So we went.

The burger from hell.

When the waitress brings the food to the table, Matt’s burger was making our eyes water.  Seriously.  We should have had hazmat suits.  The waitress tells Matt that if he does the challenge and completes it, the burger is free.  But Matt turned down that offer right away.  Just so you know, it’s a $17 burger.  WTF?

Matt takes on the burger.

Anyway, Matt begins eating the 4 Horsemen.  And his quest consisted of about 3 bites.  That was it.  He couldn’t take it.  In those 3 bites, he drank 4 Dr. Peppers and said crazy stuff like “my mouth is melting” and “it tastes like fire”.  In his defense, he didn’t cry.  But he did start scratching his ears like they were covered in ants or something.  Picture Roberto Duran saying to the ref “No Mas”!

The burger wins.

Who eats their burger with a fork and knife?  Seriously.

There is always someone in the group crazy enough to do something like this.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Mr. Matt Lopez.

-Dave Q.

4 Responses to “Matt VS Food.”

  • Kali:

    No way. That is brilliant! I would love to get it as a joke for my 22 year old cousin at next year’s pool party. Funny, I just read a piece in the New Yorker about the invention of the bikini. Perfect timing.

  • dimplz:

    HAHA! It looks good though!

  • lol Oh my I couldn’t have eaten three bites…but seriously $17?? OUCH. I do sometimes eat my burger with a fork and knife. I load them up so much that if I try to eat it with my hands I end up wearing it. =/

  • Mike:

    I don’t care what you put on it… there’s no burger out there worth $17.

    On a side note, I’m usually “that guy” that does all the stupid shit. Ask me about my hot sauce story at some point.

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