Ever notice how infomercials are so negative?  I haven’t.  Because I won’t watch any.  And if a commercial comes on, I just tune it out.  Or maybe it’s more like I black out.   Either way, the message isn’t received.  Why do hate them?  Let’s see…

  • The over-acting.
  • The exaggerations.
  • The crappy products.
  • The poor video quality.
  • The negativity.
  • The scare tactics.

The video below pretty much sums it up.

So yeah, infomercials can go straight to hell.  But I’ll cut a little slack for the Shamwow guy.  Not because I will ever get a Shamwow (never say never, right?), but since I’ve been cooking a lot lately, I can really use a Slapchop.

-Dave Q.

4 Responses to “God I hate infomercials.”

  • dimplz:

    I am always sucked in by those products. I have many. I love Vince Offer, but he is a hooker beater!

  • Kari:

    Did you know the Shamwow guy was arrested? He punched a hooker in the face after she bit his tongue and woundn’t let go!!!

  • Mike:

    Haha… yeah, I hate informercials, although some of them (in small doses) are somewhat funny.

  • MA:

    I almost got sucked in once, rang the number but the operators were busy….thank you lord… by the time someone rang me back I had come to my senses and told them I was no longer interested. Now I find them incredibly annoying. BIG KEV was mildly entertaining the first time…

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