Not only is Marvel Comics responsible for some of the greatest superhero characters history has ever known, but they are also responsible for this!

This, boys and girls, is a statuette of Mary Jane Watson, Spider-Man’s love interest.  Marvel just released this and one can be yours for a mere $124!  It depicts Mary Jane wearing what I’m sure is the usual attire for all women when they wash their man’s “work clothes”.  Does this seem a little sexist to you?  Naaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

I just have to laugh at this.  Most guys that get engulfed with comic book stuff to the point that they eat, sleep, and breathe Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, X-Men, etc., are usually overweight, pathetic individuals living in a fantasy world that have never even seen a real girl in her panties.  So you know somehow one of those guys is responsible for producing this.  Can you imagine all those losers jumping for joy with the thought that they get to grope a little figurine of Mary Jane Watson with her pink thong showing?  By the way, check out that rack!  You think those are real?

No way they're real!

This is a true story.  My little sister actually dated one of these comic book losers back in the day.  I think his name was Ted.  Anyway, I remember Ted boasting about how he and his brother had a collection of Star Wars toys that was valued somewhere in the neighborhood of $40,000.  I have no doubt that dude is still a virgin today.  And living in his parent’s basement.

-Dave Q.

8 Responses to “Some Women Are Going To Be Pissed Off At Marvel Comics :)”

  • I am pretty sure you are the one with the Darth Vader figurines all over your desk right now aren’t you?

  • Laurel:

    Insults are a poor substitute for debate or persuasion. Nothing about sexism in comics is going to get changed this way. And that boobs remark–way to embody every stereotype fanboys have about fangirls while attacking them with stereotypes. You’re making us look pretty stupid.

  • Seriously Laurel – if you are looking for genuine debate on the Feminist movement or the state of the ERA, you’ve DEFINITELY come to the wrong place. That ‘boobs remark’ was right on the money and for once in my entire life I actually agreed with David Quesada.

    If you want to be the voice of change for women you can start by changing the empty beer in my hand for a full one!

  • Laurel:

    I no longer have any doubt I’ve come to the wrong place, thanks. How dare I object to all fanboys’ being stereotyped as virgins living in their parents’ basement? My knee doesn’t jerk when you tap it with that tired old “Bring me a beer, bitch” horseshit etiher.

  • “My knee doesn’t jerk when you tap it with that tired old “Bring me a beer, bitch” horseshit etiher.”

    Clearly it doesn’t – and I am still waiting on that beer, bitch!

  • Nick:

    Star war figurines they are not but I’m sure Indiana Jones figurines would be more his style. Do I really have to remind all about the numerous past Halloween appearances that our dear friend dressed up as Indiana Jones.

  • Still the best costume idea I ever had! Thanks, Mave.

  • what an odd way to wash a costume.
    and unless someone is a die hard fan or just really wants to spank off to it, why spend $124 that can be put to better use, on this?

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