So I am up right now thinking about my dog, Max.  I had to leave him at the vet tonight.  He has something potentially serious happening with him and if he doesn’t improve by tomorrow, then he’s facing surgery.  And that’s not good.

So you might be wondering what is wrong with him?  Well, I noticed that he was acting funny Sunday night.  He was very lethargic and didn’t want to eat.  I thought it was odd, because Max is an eating machine, but I left it alone.  But last night was the same thing.  And I took him to an emergency pet clinic.  They took some x-rays and ran some tests, but nothing was conclusive.  All this wrapped up at 2am.

This morning he seemed to be doing better, but I called his regular vet anyway and gave him a head’s up on what was going on.  He asked if Max had vomited, which he had, and if he did anymore to bring him in.  When I got in from work today, I saw that he wasn’t holding anything down.  So off to the vet we went.

More x-rays.  More tests.  And the doc sees that he is constipated.  Which wouldn’t be a big deal except he couldn’t explain why.  Not to get too graphic or anything, but the doc decides to give Max an enema to try to get his bowels going.  Well, it kind of worked.  It worked well enough to see what he had inside him.  The doc removed cloth.  To be more exact, cloth from a towel.  And then of course it all starts to come together.  I found a ripped up towel in the backyard Saturday night.  The towel I use to dry them after I give them a bath.  I didn’t realize he ate any of it.  And it’s my fault because I left the towel within his reach.  Way to go, Dave.

I got Max as a puppy.  And back in the day he had a tendency to run off with my girlfriend’s panties and eat them.  No joke.  And I thought he had grown out of it.  He is 10 years old now and  I just haven’t worried about anything like this for a long time.  But I blame myself for dropping the ball.

So, here I am.  Unable to sleep.  Wide awake thinking about my buddy, Max.  We’ll see what the doc says tomorrow.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed for good news.  I know he is just a dog.  But if you feel like saying a little prayer, or just want to send some good vibes his way, please feel free.

-Dave Q.

By the way, Max was the only good thing to come out of a relationship with an ex girlfriend.  Well, that and a John Smoltz autographed baseball.  He’s my boy.  And I want him to be ok.

7 Responses to “Bummed”

  • Jan:

    You can’t blame yourself for leaving the towell out there…

    Keep us updated on how he is doing. I’ll keep my fingers crossed everything comes out well tomorrow without surgery.

  • Norm:

    I like the part about your girl friend’s panties…

  • Mami:

    Goodness; I did not anything about what Max is going true,”communication ah”.
    hope he’s doing better today. I remember when my Maggie, got sick and after pay the vet over $400.00 for her to stay overnight, they give me the medication that I was suppose to give her every day with a syringe, the medicine look like Pepto Bismol and Mylanta, so I ask the vet tech and sure enough he told me that if I ever run out of that medication that they prescribe, just give Maggie the pep-to bismol or Mylanta that humans take. If you need any help you know my phone # and where I live.?

  • Aw, Dave, I am sorry. I hope Max lives to get into more mischief. I will keep him in my prayers.

  • Olga:

    Ah yes…good ‘ole Max and his panty-eating days. I remember coming home from work, when I lived with you, and certain garments had gone missing…oh the memories. :)

  • my cat just recently went through the same thing. She ate 4 feet ….. yes 4 FEET of wrapping ribbon. We had to lock her in the bathroom and WAIT for days for it just just work itself out. Poor kitty and POOR me for having to clean the bathroom floor after it was all over :(

  • Mike:

    Wow… that sucks dude. (Sorry I’m a little behind.) I’m sure he’ll be just fine. Dogs eat unbelievably gross things; I’m sure a towel will be just fine. Extra fiber is good for you anyway. :)

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