Remember Amanda Beard? I didn’t really either. But I kind of remember the name from a few years back. So that prompted me to do some research on the old internet. Turns out she is an Olympic medalist in swimming. And she’s also easy on the eyes. And now she’s nude in Playboy.

Amanda Beard in Playboy

I can hear all the feminists now. And to a certain degree, I understand their frustration. To have one of their own, a role model to young girls, degrade herself to the entertainment of men everywhere. But let me ask you this: Would it not be a greater crime to conceal all this? I mean, look at her! Wow.

Amanda Beard in FHM

I have to admit this. I think she will look better in her pictorial from FHM (above) than she will in Playboy. But I will have to see to be sure. I’ve always been one to enjoy a little to the imagination. But not too much. :)

What I do like about Amanda Beard is that she is realistic. In an interview about her Playboy spread, she says the following:

You have to remember, I’m still just a swimmer. I am living a great lifestyle and I’m making good money, but I’m not a basketball player. These deals are not $40 million deals.

And she’s absolutely right. She is a swimmer. And a good one. But there isn’t a great demand for swimmers in the entertainment field. So unless she is going to night school to become a CPA or something, how is she going to support herself? I know she has some cash, but give her credit for thinking ahead.

She has a God given talent that made her famous. So I don’t see anything wrong with her cashing in on her other gift from the Man upstairs. And thankfully she does it now before that gift is not so… nice.

Good for you Amanda! And better yet, good for us!

-Dave Q.

5 Responses to “Amanda Beard in Playboy”

  • I don’t think there’s anything anti-woman about PLAYBOY at all. The models in that particular magazine are usually college-educated, highly paid, self-confident, and enjoying a legitimate career.

    I’ve heard every argument about “reducing themselves” but I think most women would love to be in that magazine…. not because they’re being reduced, but for the opposite reason: it would make them feel like a goddess. I’ve never met or heard of a woman who didn’t enjoy feeling beautiful, and if anyone thinks that softcore, non-intercourse pictures of nude women are “exploitative” or “demeaning” it could very well mean they just have issues with nudity, period.

    Keep in mind, I’m talking about PLAYBOY specifically, and not all porn. That’s a distinction some censors don’t seem to be able to make. There is a lot of filthy, horrible porn magazines that sexualize and fetishize the idea that it’s OK to treat a woman like trash, but PLAYBOY has never been one of them.

    Enough politics, already. Amanda Beard is gorgeous. Kudos to her and great photos.

  • Okay, D. Peace, I think you may be attibuting a bit more experience and emotional maturity to women in Playboy. And I wouldn’t call being a centerfold for a few prime years a “career”… Jenny McCarthy made it work, and Anna Nichole and a few others have had a few moments of fame, but come on…

    However, I completely agree that Playboy is completely different on MANY levels from the majority of pornography available today at the local newsstand. Personally, I wish I had photos of myself at 18-24 years of age like the ones in that publication. Now that I’m in my 40s I’d love to remind myself now and then that I used to be a hottie! :-)

    Amanda is a gorgeous girl, and she should enjoy making some cash off of her gorgeousness as long as it’s possible to do so. Lord knows she worked hard to get that body!

  • mrsmarshall – No, being a centerfold for a few years isn’t a career, but parlaying your success in PLAYBOY into a career in modelling is. Jenny McCarthy and Anna Nicole Smith are two centerfolds who happened to become famous OUTSIDE the world of modelling, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Also, most centerfolds that I’ve ever heard of are in fact college-educated. It’s not as if Hef is taking advantage of naked idiots.

    And even if their time in front of a camera is semi-fleeting, at least we agree that most women would be honored to be enshrined when they’re at their youngest and most beautiful.

    I’m not a superficial guy, and I respect and admire women beyond outside appearances, but I don’t see any reason that women should be ashamed of their bodies or afraid to use their talents and beauty to their advantage.

    Also, it’s worth repeating that PLAYBOY is a lot classier than most magazines that get labeled “porno”. I’ve heard of guys rejecting it because it wasn’t filthy ENOUGH. In terms of content, there are as many nude photos of women as their are literary articles, so it’s hard to consider PLAYBOY pure smut.

  • You can also throw in Jaime Pressly (My Name Is Earl) into that group. She actually isn’t a bad actress and got her career started in Playboy.

    There are deifinitely a lot worse magazines to be in than Playboy. As far as men’s magazines go, I’d rather thumb through a Maxim. But if you are going to be nude, Playboy is the clear cut choice for a girl.

    By the way D. Peace, thanks for the get well wishes! I wish I had your immune system!

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