My mind is saying “yes”, but my body is saying “no”.

Let me start by saying I had an awesome time skiing!  I should have done it a loooong time ago.  I did a lot better than I thought, even with all the countless falls and humiliation from 8 year-olds skiing up to me and asking if I was ok.  Damn kids.  I will definitely go again the next time the opportunity presents itself.  It was fun and and made even better by the group of people on the trip.  Good times, good times…

That being said, my hip is effin’ killing me!  I don’t know what exactly I did to it, but it definitely happened on the slopes.  I was sore from a lot of places during the trip, but as aches and pains have subsided from muscles used that probably never had been, one pain lingers: my right hip.  It feels like something wants to pop every time I stand up from sitting down.  It’s not excruciating, but it’s a steady pain that Advil isn’t having much of an effect on.  So what would be the smart thing to do?  Probably rest it, right?  Nah.  What did smart guy do tonight?  I played volleyball like a dumb-ass.  WTF was I thinking???

All  that jumping from volleyball made the pain much worse.  How stupid was that?  Not the stupidest thing I’ve ever done, but it’s up there.  Easily in my top 20.   Anyway, I will be popping some more pain killers before bed and rubbing some Icy Hot in that area. Why Icy Hot you ask?  Because at this point, I’ll try anything.  I’m thinking that if I don’t show some improvement by Thursday, then maybe I’ll need to pay a visit to the doc.  And I avoid going to the doc as much as possible, so you know I’m not messing around.

Obviously, I’m not growing old gracefully.  Sadly, my ego is writing checks my body can’t cash.  I wonder how I would be feeling if this happened 10 years ago.  How fast would I bounce back?  Would I even miss a beat?  I’ll never know.  What I do know is that it hurts to put pants on.  Which makes me think that I should go pants-less this week.  Pants are overrated anyway… ;)

-Dave Q.

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