The 2010 World Cup kicks off today!  Ha!  See how I included the word “kick” in there?  Anyway, I know it is a long shot (and by long shot I mean a snowballs chance in hell), but I am hoping for Team USA to win the whole damn thing!

I admit that many years ago I was one of those that didn’t care too much for soccer, or futbol, depending on where you’re from.  But over the years it has really grown on me.  The World Cup is the single greatest sporting event in the world.  How can anyone not get pumped for this?  The day I have kids, I will be putting them in for soccer, like it or not.  :)

So I wish Team USA the best.  Bring home the trophy!  And since Costa Rica didn’t qualify this time, I guess I will pull for…  hmm.  I don’t know.  Not sure who to pull for if Team USA gets bounced.  I guess we’ll see who plays with the most heart.  But I do have a soft spot in my heart for Cameroon.  But that’s a different story.

-Dave Q.

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  • The tired and thirsty prospector threw himself down at the edge of the watering hole and started to drink. But then he looked around and saw skulls and bones everywhere. "Uh-oh," he thought, "this watering hole is reserved for skeletons."