Wow.  I’ve been out of it for a while.

So I’ve been traveling a crap load a lot lately.  Some for work. Some for family.  It feels good to be home, until the next trip potentially later this month.  Jeez.  I just want to stay put for a while.  But what can you do?  Duty calls.

I’ve also had some major events happening in life.  They are too personal to share here.  But they haven’t been without significant impact.  Life has been a roller coaster lately.  Highs and lows.  Twists and turns.  I just need some time to catch my breath.

Funny thing is that I was in Costa Rica the past 2 weeks on vacation.  And now that I’m back, I feel I need a vacation.  Just need some time to relax.  Maybe this weekend.

-Dave Q.

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  • I think the things you remember most are the little things, like that little space guy I kept tied up down in the basement. That little guy was only about five inches tall! He used to beg me to untie his rope, but I knew he'd just run away if I did. I think the cat finally got him, but the cat had little burn marks on him, from where the space guy shot him with his little gun, before his ammo ran out. I remember things like that.