Ah, yes.  I love this time of year.  Once the first NFL pre-season game goes by, you know it’s time.  Time to prepare.  Time to study.  Time to pray.  The NFL season approaches, and with that, so does Fantasy Football.  And I love me some Fantasy Football! 

So I’m about to get the ball rolling for my leagues.  I have my reasons for setting up more than one.  I set up a serious one for my closest friends.  And then I set one up for co-workers.  And finally, I set one up so whoever wants to play that has never played before can give it a try (usually this is the one that has girls).  I, of course, expect to win them all.

What is my favorite part of playing Fantasy Football?  That’s easy: trash talking!  Nothing like talking smack to your buddies about making them your woman come game time.  Especially the ones that take it too serious.  You think I’m die hard?  Not even close.  One year a buddy of mine just stopped talking to me after a good spanking.  But I forgive him.  I probably would have reacted the same way after that ass kicking.  :)

-Dave Q.

One Response to “‘Tis the season… for Fantasy Football!”

  • I have yet to try fantasy football. Julia and I always do a March Madness bracket for college basketball every year, and bet on something like dinner out one night. I’d have to do some studying for this type of thing, though. Although I like football, I don’t really follow it closely until the end. (Hey… our team is the St. Louis Rams. We don’t have much to cheer for up here.)

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