Last week I found myself in Las Vegas.  While I worked most of the time there, I did have some time on Saturday to do a little gambling.  My luck in Vegas has been mostly hit and miss over the years.  So when I was getting dressed to head out for some fun Saturday night, I found that I had packed a brand new pair of boxer briefs.  I had a Banana Republic gift card with exactly $16 on it and that was the only thing I could find for that price.  A single pair of boxer briefs.  Jeez.

Anyway, I decided this might be a good time to establish a fresh string of good luck.  So I put on the fresh new drawers, got ready, went to the casino, and placed a $120 bet on the Green Bay Packers.  Well, if you’ve been following the NFL playoffs at all, then you know that the Packers absolutely destroyed the Atlanta Falcons 48 – 21!  It was even sweeter since I’m a Packers fan.  :)   So I took the now $220 I received from winning that bet and went to the craps table.  Well, I was there for a while.  And I made some money for myself, and everyone else at the table.  Lady luck was with me that night.  With every roll, I was expecting good things to happen.  I never get that cocky when gambling, but it was to the point where I came seriously close to asking the hot girl on my left to blow on the dice.  But then I figured, better not press my luck.

So it was a perfect ending to my Vegas trip.  Rest assured that my new lucky drawers will be with me on my next gambling adventure, if for only one night.  So if you see me at the craps table, and I have a certain twinkle in my eye, I suggest you place some bets with confidence.  Because the drawers will be in play.

-Dave Q.

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