After an early morning meeting today, I was told that I would be doing some extensive traveling this year.  A lot of traveling.

I enjoy traveling for work.  But it does get old after a while.  I’m hoping these trips will be nicely spread out.  And hopefully a couple of these will be scheduled for maximum advantage.  I’m slated to go to Dallas, New Orleans, Tampa, Washington D.C., Boston, Woonsocket, Las Vegas, and Atlanta.  I’m hoping the trips to Tampa and Atlanta (the two I volunteered for) can be scheduled for when the Braves and Buccaneers have home games.  That would be perfect!  :)   Also, nothing wrong with a trip to Vegas.

Here’s looking forward to those frequent flyer miles.  That way I can use those miles to go somewhere I really want to go.  Like Sacramento or Jacksonville, N.C.  I owe my sisters a visit.  I wonder if Southwest flies out there…

-Dave Q.

3 Responses to “I’m a travelin’ man…”

  • Hi thanks for the comment! :) I’m gonna check out your blog. And I am def jealous you get to travel! Hopefully you can go to the bucs game…I’ve seen them play before. I love their stadium. And if you have time check out Clearwater beach, my bfs mom has a condo down there & its my fav place to visit. :)

  • Jan:

    Wow, you will stay busy this year! New Orleans & Tampa sound like great places for blogger meet-ups…

  • Olga:

    No SW this way :(

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  • One year Dad decided he was going to take us on a "surprise vacation." We wouldn't know where we were going until we got there. We were all real excited when we piled into the station wagon early one morning. We went about five blocks, then we got in an accident at a four-way stop. I guess it was a pretty good surprise, but why did we need all that camping gear?