Some dude by the name of Marc Ecko ponied up over $700,000 for Barry Bonds’ 756th home run ball.  The home run that alledgedly broke Hank Aaron’s record.  And amid some mch controversy surrounding Bonds and his cheating ways, he is putting the fate of the ball up for vote.  Go to the website and check it out all the details here.  He provides 3 possible options for the fate of the ball:

  1. Give the ball to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown as is. 
  2. Burn an asterisk into the ball, then giving it to the Hall of Fame.
  3. Send the ball to the moon.  Seriously.

Well, to me option #3 is just stupid.  Why do that?  Obviously the guy has money to blow, so he maybe could afford a stunt like sending it to the moon, but it just sounds like a stupid idea.  But option #1 is even worse.  No way should tha ball be given back as is and displayed in Cooperstown.  Bonds is a cheater.  And the only way people will remember this is with option #2.  Brand that baseball like it was cattle and then give it to the Hall of Fame.  The MLB won’t be able to hide how tainted this “record” is.  So I have obviously voted for option #2.  And I encourage anyone else who is a true baseball fan to do the same.

For those of you that don’t know, Marc Ecko made his fortune as a fashion designer.  I never really expected someone in that industry to have a clue about the goings ons in baseball, let alone sports.  But I have to give him props for doing this.  I’m sure in some form or fashion (ha! get it?), he is benefiting from all this.  But giving true baseball fans a voice on this topic is pretty damn cool.  I hope the right thing is done here.  And for those that want option #3, maybe we can compromise.  I suggest putting Barry Bonds on the moon instead.  Or better yet, how about the sun? 

-Dave Q.

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