There is just something about Mexican soccer star Rafa Marquez I don’t like. He’s got this smug look about him. I have no doubt that he would romance the pants off of his best friend’s wife if left alone with her for 15 minutes. He looks like that one guy in the Diane Lane movie, Unfaithful. Kind of Euro-trashy.

Now in all honesty, I don’t think Marquez is all bad. He’s from Mexico. And without Mexico, there wouldn’t be enchiladas. Or Speedy Gonzalez. So I can’t be that upset with him.

With that being said, no way in hell I want my woman near this guy! Whenever she goes on a trip to Mexico, it makes me nervous. Is Marquez out there like a snake? Watching? Waiting for the moment to strike? I would hands down say yes. Greasy haired bastard.

Keep in mind, fellas. Most women wouldn’t mind being snake bitten by this scum bag. So don’t say I didn’t warn you! Now, back to photoshopping Marquez stomping on some puppies…

-Dave Q.

Note:  Yes, I may still be bitter about the U.S. getting owned by Mexico in the soccer match last Sunday, but I assure you that is complete coincidence.  :)

7 Responses to “Don’t you dare leave your woman alone with this man!”

  • Today is system admin appreciation day…aren’t you the event organizer? I was just looking for your post. I submitted mine but the link has not yet been approved.

    Just wanted to check up on this with you :)

  • Dave Q.:

    Working on the post right now, Liggy! :)

  • Tee hee! I just didn’t want you to forget ;) Anyway, I like this post…it’s great to read the guy’s point of view on stuff, too. I saw one recently from a “Twilight” husband. I should promote my own blog instead but I found this other one interesting, too. You might want to check it out just for the heck of it.

    Anyway, have a great week-end!!! Thanks for blogging with me :)

  • Mami:

    They were obligate it to be the Winners on that game, if not the drug cartel would be waiting for them…! Remember what happen to the player from the Colombia’s soccer team! well that’s exactly what I meant.?

  • Mami:

    Move over Rafa Marquez, you already play. Now we have the almost perfect Christian Ronaldo, that’s the one that is taking the breath away to everyone, yeah, everyone! :)

  • Mike:

    LOL some people just have that look about them. Surprisingly enough, I’ve never been accused of having it.

  • Kali:

    This poor girl…this video cant be for real. And, ugh, and ugh…and, ugh….

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