Oregon MayorWhile we’re on the subject of politics…

The mayor of a little town in Oregon has some pretty revealing pics of herself on, where else, her MySpace page. Here’s one of them…

Her name is Carmen Kontur-Gronquist, and is the mayor of Arlington, Oregon. A little town with a population of about 500. She is taking some heat for her half-naked images. But the Mayor has taken a fresh approach about all this attention her pics are getting.

“I’m not going to change who I am. There’s a lot of officials that have a personal life, and you have people in this community who have nothing better to do than scrape up stuff like this.”

She has a point. So what if she takes a pic on a city fire truck with nothing but her bra and panties? She looks like she’s in good shape, and is obviously wanting to show off her body. Not bad for a forty-something. At least that’s what I’m guessing. She may want to back away from the tanning bed a bit.

Anyway, if I lived in that little town in east Oregon, I would be proud of the mayor. I mean, who the hell knew there was an Arlington, Oregon before this happened? And I would definitely vote for her. And keep re-electing her. Until she looked bad in lingerie, that is.

I bet it’s fun to see her working the “polls” come election time. Ha! Get it? :)

-Dave Q.

3 Responses to “Oregon Mayor makes an interesting political statement.”

  • Sheesh, so many small town people are uptight about a fit and intelligent woman? What a bunch of small minded, jealous, busybodies…!

  • Face it, there are much worse things a Mayor can do. Just look at some of the antics of Portland’s Mayor Tom Potter and Vancouver’s Royce Pollard.

    Kudo’s to Mayor Carmen Kontur-Gronquist for keeping so fit and not be ashamed of her body.

    Oh yes, I agree, less time in the tanning both is a good idea ;)

  • Lea:

    She is not a member of the “good ole boys club” for sure. She looks great! The mayor too? I am speachless. Only in Amercian can a woman be herself and run for political office. Congrats to your mayor on so many levels!

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