On Valentine’s day, Lucas Films released the teaser trailer for the new Indiana Jones flick. It’s a quick one and you don’t get too much out of it, but it’s cool to see Harrison Ford back in this role. Out of all the sequels that have come out in recent years, I have been looking forward to this one for some time now. George Lucas, this is your chance to make things right. Your one and only chance to make up for the absolute garbage that was those three films you made and tied in to your original Star Wars trilogy. I really hope you don’t screw up one of the greatest characters in movie history.

Anyway, I’m really pumped for this one. Indiana Jones back in all his glory. I have some friends that give me a hell for dressing up as Indiana Jones for Halloween several years running. But come on, it was one of the easiest costumes to put together! I just happened to have all the stuff. Brown Fedora. Bullwhip. Khakis. Brown leather jacket. Far better than anything you would find in a costume shop.

This makes me think of my ex-girlfriend. She used to insist that Indy’s jacket was a dirty old denim jacket. So dirty that it turned brown. That was one of my favorite arguments with her. One of many. :) I hope by now she’s figured this one out. Then again, she was always a little on the nutty side.

The jacket is leather, Steph. It’s a brown leather jacket.

-Dave Q.

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